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Kitaboshi Lead Holder - 2 mm + 2 mm Pencil Lead Sharpener Set - KITABOSHI OTP-680NST
A very nice addition to my sketch set! This is my first lead holder, as opposed to regular mechanical pencils one finds in any ol' department store. It's very much like a traditional wood-encased pencil in length and appearance, but heavier due to the mechanism inside. But the weight is very nice and solid, without being too much for the hand. I would say that the 2mm lead is the same as wood-encased pencil lead too, so I like to think of it as a refillable classic, haha. The hexagonal sides are wide enough to prevent rolling, as well. I just got this today and already love it! (Now, if only there was a shorter version for putting in my travel kit..)

As for the sharpener, I find it brings the lead to a sharp enough point, but at a shorte...

About Kitaboshi

Kita-boshi Pencil Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of pencils and drawing equipment located in Tokyo, is notable for its green approach of recycling sawdust into new quality products.