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I ordered these, as I...
July 16, 2012
Verified Purchase
I ordered these, as I needed some pencils and these fit in perfectly to get me up to free shipping territory. In any case, these are actually some great pencils. The lead is dark, and ergonomically, it's a very comfortable pencil to use. However, you do pay a penalty for this comfort, as you have to use a knife to sharpen this pencil. That, and the fact that you won't be able to use a pencil extender on this pencil, are the only two gripes I have. I use this pencil both to try and give a light and sketchy feel to a sketch, or to give some nice and lovely dark details when it's sharpened to a small point. All in all, quite a nice pencil.
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WARNING - These will...
November 26, 2014
Verified Purchase
WARNING - These will NOT fit in standard "oversized" pencil sharpeners! I took back a star for the gyrations I went through to get a working sharpener for these as I need sharp points for my work. Go to Home Depot (or whatever hardware store sells sharpeners for the flat contractor's pencils) and buy that sharpener or you'll spend your days butchering every surface in site with a knife to get a point on these. Only reason I pulled back a star.

Once I found the carpenter's pencil sharpener at Home Depot (nice, sharp & gives a wicked point!), I fell totally in love with these. Fat width saves my hands from cramping, easy glide over the page. Awesome thick lead that slides like ice on a hot car. Ease of use and that FAT triangular grip make these perfection once that carpenter's sharpener is in hand. The lines smudge at a 6B rate, yet, it's a controlled smudge, not indiscriminate dusting all over the page like some.

If you love fat pencils and 6B softness, buy these. I'm hooked!
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