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October 25, 2013
I ordered this pair of...
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I ordered this pair of scissors due to so many good reviews. I choose creamy white color. Very nice color indeed. I thought I was going to love it. However, I returned the scissors right after opening it even without trying it. The edges of both blades show some dents. I would rather pay the shipping fee to return it. Poor quality makes me do not want to keep it.

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December 2, 2014
Awesome scissors. Comfortable...
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Awesome scissors. Comfortable to hold (I'm right-handed). Very sharp. Magically, washi tape doesn't stick to them at all...they have little grooves right by the blades that are somehow washi-sticking-proof.

November 20, 2014
best scissors ever! I...
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best scissors ever!

I cut ribbons and tapes for gift wrappings, this one cuts so clean and sharp.