Kokuyo Buncobon Dot Cover Notebook - A6 - 5 mm Graph - Dark Blue

Kokuyo Buncobon Dot Cover Notebook - A6 - 5 mm Graph - Dark Blue

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This "paperback series notebook" is sure to become as beloved as one of your favorite paperback novels. The notebook was designed for optimal readability and searchability on the go. The 4.1" X 5.8" dimension of the notebook reflects the most popular size preferred by readers in Japan. This palm-sized journal makes it a portable companion on public transportation systems such as subways and buses. In addition, the notebook applies a new "searchable" concept. The margins have empty boxes that you can color code with a marker or highlighter to create colored indexes.

The notebook features adhesive binding that opens flat and paper suitable for all types of writing instruments. The wear and stain resistant cover also has a cloth bookmark to keep your page. Line and graph paper options are available.

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Customer Reviews

Beautiful fountain-pen...
January 21, 2015
Verified Purchase
Beautiful fountain-pen friendly paper and a good size for day-to-day scribbling. The plastic slipcover doesn't look like it'll hold up very long and I'm unsure once that goes how the notebook as a whole will last, but for a $4 price point it's hard to complain. The dotted cover is just a wraparound fitted between the plastic and the craft-paper-style notebook, so if it bothers you aesthetically it's easy enough to remove.
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I liked the paper and...
November 5, 2014
Verified Purchase
I liked the paper and the marked edges. I don't really like the "cover". It isn't going to last, and I am going to end up with just the interior cover, which is fine, but why not just make a nice cover?
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Given that this is small,...
September 3, 2015
Verified Purchase
Given that this is small, I chose to carry it in my purse - bad idea. It gets beat up very easily, and the "cover" isn't durable. Love the index option inside and the paper itself - just needs a better cover to get this to hold up.
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Just got this I love...
November 13, 2012
Just got this I love it this book is soo awesome. It is a little small but thats why I like it you can bring it anywhere it even fits in the back of my jeans pocket. And the indexing system is really awesome.
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This notebook is awesome...
January 11, 2012
Verified Purchase
This notebook is awesome and adorable!

When I first got it, I was concerned the pages were too thin for fountain pens but I tried it and it worked great! No bleeding!
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