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How does Japan become so innovative with pencil cases? First you have ones that transform into upright pencil stands (like the Kokuyo Neo Critz) and now there are cases that open into convenient trays. The C2 is made of sturdy polyester material and opens up widely to become a 9 x 5 inch rectangular tray for your pens and pencils. It allows easy visibility of all your writing instruments and can easily hold about 20+ pens. A variety of colors are available.

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I have the Navy+Light...
April 17, 2012
Verified Purchase
I have the Navy+Light Blue model. It's very sharp looking with a pleasing colour combination. It can hold a decent amount of supplies and zips up into a nice square shaped rectangle. Recommended.
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It's a great design,...
April 16, 2014
Verified Purchase
It's a great design, and holds it's shape nicely. However after month of use, I had some problems.
1. The canvas gets dirty. I had navy blue--which should have been ok--but after about a month it started to look dirty and dingy and picked up everything from the bottom of my bag. The case is made of canvas like fabric, not nylon.

2. If you fill it really full all the time, eventually the zipper gets hard to use. That's why I stopped using the case--the zipper pretty much failed.

3. I found it harder to use than I wanted because I still had to rummage around to find the pens I wanted. I think it works best if you have maybe 8 pens in there, and when you open it up they sort of line up in a row. I wanted something I could keep on my desk but it really didn't work for that purpose.

I would recommend this if you keep your bag spotless OR just want to leave it in one place. And if you carry about 8 pens at once it would be fine. I generally have about 14-18 and that is too many to make the best use of this case.
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This case holds just...
June 13, 2011
Verified Purchase
This case holds just the right amount of pens so that I can have several colors and widths to take notes for school as well as a few highlighters. And no matter where I sit down and open it up, people compliment me on it. Thanks for carrying this it's awesome!
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Cute and innovative design,...
September 27, 2011
Verified Purchase
Cute and innovative design, not to mention very functional! For me, it holds two pencils, the boxy eraser, a lead case, a pen, a sharpie, eight color pens, AND a small pair of scissors. It's not too bulky and fits nicely in my book bag. This navy blue color doesn't seem like it will get dirty very easily. Love it!
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I love the khaki version...
December 16, 2010
Verified Purchase
I love the khaki version of this to pieces and hope the blue restocks soon so I can get one of each and colour-code what I keep in each (maybe brush pens in khaki, pencils and leads and erasers in blue, mechanical pens in the pink and grey?). When the case is full, it maintains the nice-looking box shape when zipped, which is a great shape for tossing into a big bag then finding easily. Open on the desk, it forms an adequate little tray, though of course I have to dig around to find the pens on the bottom.

12 "regular size" pens, three broad Copic sketch markers, and three cases of pencil leads is getting close to the limit of what will comfortably zip up inside, though I could probably fit a couple more slender pens and probably some little erasers in there too if I'm feeling motivated. I haven't had time yet to put this through my usual harsh treatment of my pretty things (I'm hard on bags of all sorts), but this pretty thing is so perfect for my needs, I'll probably be more careful with it.

Aesthetically, the design just makes me happy to draw.
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