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Great notebook, a little...
March 1, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great notebook, a little expensive perhaps for the quality. I got this one as I wasn't sure which of the line spacings I would like more: 7 mm (this) or 6 mm. After trying both I prefer the 6 mm one (blue cover).
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Like other Kokuyo products,...
May 2, 2011
Like other Kokuyo products, the Campus Todai is a great notebook. The pre-dotted feature (something I had seen previously in a generic notebook I had picked up at an office supply superstore) is great for lining up one's kanji, mathematical figures, or essential anything else where spacing is important. Paper quality is nice as well, but I've tested it only with the Uni-Ball Signo 0.28mm.

My only complaint with the product is the binding, which is rather tight to the point that attempting to remove a sheet runs the risk of ripping it. Obviously, these notebooks are not meant to be used in the same was as "perf-edge" 300-sheet 5-subject notebooks. Keep that in mind before you order.

Also, the price is honestly steep. I picked mine up locally at a Japanese bookstore for about half what I'd expect to pay for a standard composition book.
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