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  Outstanding, love how..., July 8, 2011
Outstanding, love how well it writes with lamy safari EF, which that pen doesn't even feather on cheap notebook paper in the first place.

nice, concise, organized, durable, great for what i'm doing
A) Caligraphy
B) Japanese

and the cover, whatever it is made out of, the corners do resist bending very well

recommendable! certainly a good miniature notebook as long as you don't intend to use it on a day for 100's of quick notes lol
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  These are outstanding,..., February 18, 2011
These are outstanding, the paper quality is superb. My Lamy F. pen writes with perfect feedback from this paper, pulls the right amount of ink. And with the 40% off what a DEAL!!
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  An absolute dream to..., January 26, 2011
An absolute dream to write on. I love everything about this notebook - the texture of the paper, the thickness, lines, dots, the scent! The weight of the book as well as how easily it is opened and will stay open when you bend the binding slightly. I have not yet attempted to remove a page, and I have heard that this is a difficult process, however for its use I have not yet needed to remove a page. I would buy dozens of these at a time if I had the sense to put that much money towards such a thing!
  I am a fountain pen user...., August 25, 2014
I am a fountain pen user. I am disappointed.
Considering the price, the paper quality is inferior to the typical Clairefontaine notebook.
When I use my M-nib Pilot Kakuno (w/ Nakimi Blue Black), I can only use one side of the paper because the paper is so thin, and every thing I write shows through.
The paper texture is inconsistent, slippery on one page and rough on the next.

Bottom-line: definitely NOT fountain pen friendly, you should go for Clairefontaine instead.
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  I am so happy to see..., September 19, 2009
I am so happy to see these notebooks at JetPens. I've been able to get some of these at a local store and can truly say that the MIO paper is perfect for fountain pens. I'm also glad to see that JetPens is stocking both the red-cover A (7mm) and blue-cover B (6mm) line heights. I personally prefer the "B" 6mm size. Thank you JetPens for this great addition to the catalog!