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December 8, 2011
I write a fair bit, about...
Verified Purchase
I write a fair bit, about 25 pages a day and absolutely love these notebooks. This is some of the best paper I've ever used and will absolutely be buying more. Makes note taking a pleasure.

I switched to these from Apica and am extremely impressed.

You guys will not be disappointed!! Buy without hesitation!!

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January 18, 2012
Jetpens never fails to...
Verified Purchase
Jetpens never fails to deliver and delight! I got these Kokuyo Campus notebooks today and can really use them, and know they'll be smooth and comfortable to write on because I've used Kokuyos before. This particular page count is very helpful. Jetpens is consistently reliable and prompt in their delivery, and that free shipping on orders over $25 is great.

Question: Do you think you'll ever consider carrying Tsubame notebooks, or resume carrying the Apica CD15s?

Thanks again.

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October 18, 2012
Received my bundle yesterday...
Verified Purchase
Received my bundle yesterday and within an hour ordered another bundle. Paper is nice and smooth. No bleed through or heavy show-through with my fountain pens. I also like the smaller paper size, but it still gives you enough room to write.

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October 23, 2014
Love this notebook! They...
Verified Purchase
Love this notebook! They are super smooth to write on and do not bleed through, even with a Sharpie felt tip pen (haven't tried a marker on this notebook, though). I'm very happy I bought them in bulk, as I expect I will use all of them for notes at work and home.

jimmy jo jim Bob
February 17, 2013
I lve it they are so...
I lve it they are so easy and there what my dad always buys

June 13, 2011
Excellent notebooks,...
Excellent notebooks, much better value in a bundle :)

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