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This is my faaavourite...
June 13, 2011
This is my faaavourite notebook :) 6mm lines mean you can fit more writing, use your fine pens, and it has lovely smooth paper of that faint honey white with light, fine blue-grey lines which don't overpower pencil or pen. It's the right cloth bound thickness that it falls open easily.. I use this as my everything notebook, it comes everywhere with me - plus B5 is more portable than A4. It's my favourite page size, visually more proportionate than A4. The double page spread is an inviting workspace :) Allocated lines for headings and date encourage good recordkeeping for a book without perforations, I just use it in chronological order and know I won't lose any of my notes. Horizontal and vertical measurement markers help divide up a table quickly. The paper loves noodlers bulletproof black + sailor/lamy EF nibs :)
Does not need a cover - I used it like this at uni for a year. It gets a little tattered and tufty at the corners, but doesn't fall apart. I change bags more now, so I've started using the black systemic cover designed for it. Good canvas, adds some storage for loose leaves, looks more professional at work (even though it's definitely not just work on the inside).
Oh - and lots of pages and unimposing lines means it's also good for sketching out draft design concepts etc.
The best notebook! Aesthetically pleasing and so practical :)
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I'd use this notebook...
May 11, 2012
Verified Purchase
I'd use this notebook for school or anywhere as long as I'm at a desk, since the covers are soft and too flexible to support it without a hard surface underneath.
The other reviews are correct, the paper is wonderful, the 6mm ruled lines are great, and the 100 page count is awesome, you'll never run out of space mid-semester!
BUT, I have to take away one star for the binding. First of all, you can't fold the cover around to the back like with a spiral bound. Also, glue binding is typically inconsistent from page to page; what I mean is, some pages are glued closer to the binding than others--it seems to be every other page in this notebook! Also, the glue is often inconsistent from the top to bottom of a single page...what happens is, when you turn that page, it wont lay flat. You practically have to break the binding every time you turn a page!
If this was a twin ring notebook with a hard cover, I'd give it 6 stars and buy ten of em right now!
Otherwise, everything else about this notebook is worthy of 5+ stars!
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My wallet hates me, but...
November 16, 2015
Verified Purchase
My wallet hates me, but I will be buying these for the rest of my life! The paper is perfect for just about anything you can imagine, notebook-wise. Even the ink from my fountain pens very rarely seeps through to the next page. I wish they would make this exact notebook with blank pages, but the lines aren't too terrible to deal with.
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Works really well with...
May 4, 2016
Verified Purchase
Works really well with my fountain pens, and the size is just right. You can keep the pages open flat.
Love those notebooks!...
February 2, 2012
Verified Purchase
Love those notebooks! Fantastic paper to write on with fountain pens!
The layout is especially nice for labnotes!

Please restock!
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