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17 out of 17 people found the following review helpful
  I bought these notebooks..., September 8, 2011
By mov...
I bought these notebooks on a total whim and I love them! They are thin enough to throw in a bag and take along and the paper is very nice compared to most notebook paper available to in the States. I am no longer in school, but I can see how these would be ideal. The dotted lines allow for you to line up text easily, making whatever you write neat and organized. The lines are closer to our version of college ruled paper. (Thumbs up! I hate wide ruled paper.) Some people might not realize that they are not the fattest of notebooks, but I like the size and the value (5 for $14 is an excellent deal) for the quality of paper and binding.
8 out of 8 people found the following review helpful
  I love the B5 form factor..., January 28, 2012
I love the B5 form factor of these notebooks and the colors are great to keep your classes/subjects organized, too. I'd prefer a gridded notebook but the dots are a great alternative and come in handy when making diagrams that need specific proportions. I'm in graduate school, so some of my classes are more conceptual, and I think one notebook will suffice for the quarter (10 weeks), but I'm reordering for my more notetaking-heavy courses like my math and biotechnology course, for which 2 notebooks for the quarter should suffice. I personally prefer a notebook over loose-leaf paper because I want everything in one, pre-bound place, so if you're like me, I recommend these notebooks. Otherwise, go for the loose-leaf version.

I use a Pilot Hi-Tec C Cavalier 0.3mm pen and Pentel Slicci 0.25mm pens and have loved it. No scratching problems, and the paper is wonderfully smooth so these tiny pens just flow.
10 out of 12 people found the following review helpful
  these notebook are really..., June 8, 2011
these notebook are really really good the paper is smooth and my pens glide
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  This paper has a very..., February 9, 2012
This paper has a very smooth feel that is great for taking notes and general writing. It feels thin but holds up well to repeated erasing and does not show through too much on the back. I have been using it for pencil and gel pen notes and both slide nicely across the paper.

The papers are very well secured in the binding and even with much folding open of the book they don't seem to budge at all. I am not sure what they actual did with the binding, it appears to be glued in folded sheets, but it is hard to see. Regardless, it is very secure. I will definitely be buying these again.
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  Bought this last year..., October 17, 2011
By lil...
Bought this last year and I love the pre-dotted lines. It helped me draw cleaner lines for graphs. Really useful for math, chemistry, and physics classes. The pages were thick enough so no bleeding through!
  I really like these notebooks...., April 25, 2014
I really like these notebooks. The size and the number of pages works well for me. The quality of paper makes it so that I can write my notes in class with any type of pen, from my uni sign dx to my lamy safari.

I'll be buying more of these, and probably other similar products from Kokuyo.
  Great notebooks. Even..., October 31, 2013
By ata...
Great notebooks. Even though they're really thin I get a lot of mileage out of them. I've been able to use one notebook for two classes, even though it only has 40 pages. Pens don't bleed through and pencils don't smudge nearly as much as on a normal notebook of the same prince.

I honestly think that one of those 5 star notebooks that go for like $4 and one of these will get you the same amount of space for notes. These notebooks make my notes so much neater.
  Nice smooth paper with..., August 27, 2013
Nice smooth paper with unique dotted lines. Works very well with all of my fountain pens. No bleed-through even with marker pens. The size is perfect for writing notes at work, both in number of pages and page size.
  Nice paper that is fountain..., January 23, 2013
Nice paper that is fountain pen-friendly. The notebooks are quite small but could be good for classes where few notes are taken. The binding lays very flat when smoothed down, which I like. I feel like these are a bit overpriced for what you ultimately get, though.
  These notebooks are kind..., October 29, 2012
These notebooks are kind of pricey but completely worth it. At first I was afraid that my gel pens would bleed like crazy, I only write with Pilot G2 .38mm pens so I can't speak for other pens, but it's a match made in heaven. I love the asthetic and the quality is superb. generally you get 32 lines with college rule paper and I am very impressed/pleased with 35. For someone like myself that spends nearly every awaken hour with a notebook in hand I am glad that neither of the two I've gone through since getting them have fallen apart. The cover lay's relatively flat even after being folded back for hours so that's something that I'm happy about too since Its a big selling point for me. All in all I have no complaints other than the logo is not on the side but along the bottom but that's not really a complaint these are just probably a newer model or something.
Anyway, if you are a writer or a student these are great notebooks that so far seem to be very well made all the different colors are a great plus too. If you get them I doubt you'll be dissapointed unless you don't like "almost" ghost line paper.
  This is a great and economical..., September 27, 2012
By ten...
This is a great and economical way to try Kokuyo notebooks. The paper is light, but very smooth, yet resists bleed-through. I mostly used Pilot V5 roller balls in my books for notes in a class on financial regulations. The pre-dotted paper makes it easy to indent handwriting for outlining. You can write on the covers with permanent marker. The books are relatively small (to a person used to 8.5x11) and slender, so they are easily slipped into a bag or folder. I recommend them, particularly for notes that you need to keep and review multiple times.
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  The perfect notebook!..., June 14, 2012
The perfect notebook! I will be exclusively using these as long as they are avaiable. If your sceptical buy one to try and you will see why I love these notebooks.
0 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  This is awesome. I only..., August 31, 2012
By erd...
This is awesome. I only wish it came in more MANLY colours.