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This is the slim notebook...
April 8, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is the slim notebook so it is smaller than the semi notebook. If you were wondering what the differences were, that's why this is cheaper. It is still tall, but it is not as wide as the semi notebook. This comes with 10 notebooks. When you open the box, there are 2 packs of 5 notebooks. They are packed well and got to my door safely.

There are only 30 pages per book, so 300 in total. This isn't a dot grid, but there are some markings on the pages. This are good ruler guidelines if you want to split the page into fourths or halves. The dots aren't very easy to see so if you're worried about this, don't be!
Another thing I noticed is that there are dots on the date line. This is great for writing the date because the dots tell you where to end your numbers.
EXAMPLE: 04 08 2014 (mmddyyyy is my format)

The notebooks don't come with some, but I recommend purchasing labels. The notebooks in this pack are all the same color, so you can purchase labels and stick them on the side easily. You will have to write small because these notebooks are very thin.

The notebook doesn't come with an introductory page, however there are plenty of lines on the front cover to write your information. You can also use the first page as an introductory page.

There is a bit of bleed through with my Pilot G2 gel pen. You can look up pictures of this on the internet. It's not something I mind much, but look more on the web to see what I'm talking about.

Overall this is a great notebook.
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