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These are nice notebooks,...
August 28, 2012
These are nice notebooks, but $18 for one is outrageous. The 5-pack only begins to be more reasonable, but it's hard to take a chance on a notebook that is too expensive to try. Luckily, the paper is fountain pen friendly. It did show a lot of ghosting, so you may not want to write front and back unless you don't mind seeing the shadow of the writing from the other side, but it never ever bled, even with my runniest Noodler's inks. The slanted edges are more of an ergonomic plus, and doesn't really solve any real problem. The different colors are very attractive, and I wish the multi-packs came with multiple colors in each pack.
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I really liked the sides,...
July 19, 2013
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I really liked the sides, it was very easy to flip through the pages. Although was veryyy disappointed in the pages the quality wasnt very nice, but it wasnt very bad. all together, for 18 dollars? is insane. i should of bought another notebook.
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