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The Japanese RULE!!!!...
October 12, 2009
Verified Purchase
The Japanese RULE!!!! I bought this one and the Campus spiral bound (see my review for the blue one) and I am in love with these. I balked a bit at the price I have to admit, but once I got these in my hands I realized they are so worth it.

1) The paper - smooth, light and fairly bleed proof. My fountain pens thank you!
2) The Binding - no matter where you open this notebook it will lay flat with minimal pressure
3) The Flippy Edges (my terminology) - I can't quit doing it! It does make it so much easier to navigate your pages AND you can annotate on the "tabs". Oh the OCD is just coming out with this one! The whole notebooks has such a delightful floppiness to it because of the quality of the paper.

I like the size - it's 7" x 10" which makes it perfect to get in a smaller bag, but still big enough to do some serious writing. The 6mm rules are slightly narrower than most of the college lined notebooks I have and I like that very much because I write small.

Now I have a caveat - I prefer spiral bound because I like to fold my notebooks in half when working in them. These you can't really do that with. However, I find that these will work GREAT for classes, note taking and anything in which I need to classify my pages because of how you can navigate and the fact that you can label or color code the tabbed edges to find your information more quickly. So keep that in mind if you're like me and like to work with your notebooks folded back. If you like working with them open flat this is the notebook for you!

YES!! it is worth every penny!
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I began using this for...
May 6, 2015
Verified Purchase
I began using this for notes for my dissertation and I'm completely addicted--I can put all my secondary sources in the first section and all my primary sources in the second--but I could just as easily have made this a primary source only notebook for a single topic. As far as notebooks go, this isn't one where you have to worry about the pages falling out, they're not serrated at all. I highly recommend this notebook (the color is lovely as well).
I bought this for my...
November 9, 2014
Verified Purchase
I bought this for my daughter, a college student at Arizona State University and she loves it for note-taking. She can flip to find a specific day's notes easily and quickly, and can even write a keyword or two on the tab for very important, sure-to-be-on-the-test topics!
This is one cool notebook!...
December 16, 2010
This is one cool notebook! And that's about it... I certainly wouldn't recommend pigment ink on this paper as it shows through, and the slanted edges are solely for looks as you are not likely to ask yourself, "Was that topic in the 2-stripe-on-top section or the 3-stripe-on-bottom section? Hmm... let me see!" I am also having a little sticker shock: for the price I'd like a bigger size and a lot more pages! I DO like the "No." and "Date" page header, but the lines are a bit too wide for my handwriting. Overall the design is beautiful and very unique, and that I appreciate! The paper is nice but nothing spectacular, the cover is nice in an understated ORANGE sort of way, and it's kind of fun to turn it around and start writing from the back! Mobius notebook...? Not quite. In the end it's just a really cool-looking notebook. So grab your Paracuruno and your MacBook Pro and head over Starbucks! Well, that's what I'll be doing with it at least.
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