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Kind of a letdown. The...
August 29, 2013
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Kind of a letdown. The pricing on this is in keeping with similar items, esp.considering the binding that can be folded entirely behind the paper for writing(a rare feature in B5-sized 26-hole notebooks like this) but still feels like a ripoff. It's just sort of flimsy, the binding mechanism is too fiddly to be easily or frequently used, the materials are decent but not outstanding, and 10 sheets per binder means buying more paper right away. I bought the 3-pack because it is more cost-effective and I could use 2 so figured having a 3rd would be fine. Also (&this is strictly a personal preference of course) the paper included is very slick, while I prefer a slightly rougher texture. I'll try these binders for my various note-taking, but I doubt they'll last, and I regret buying them.
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