Kokuyo Campus Smart Ring Binder Notebook - A5 - 20 Rings - Clear

Kokuyo Campus Smart Ring Binder Notebook - A5 - 20 Rings - Clear

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Kokuyo's Campus Smart Ring binder notebook is ultra-slim and light. As with binders, you can re-arrange pages by opening the rings, but this notebook is as slim as a regular notebook. Slip several in your bag, and you'll see how easy it is to carry them from place to place. Great for meetings and classes, the notebook has flexible covers that fold back to occupy less desk space. This notebook contains a contents page and 10 sheets of A5 Kokuyo Campus loose leaf paper with 28 lines of dotted 6 mm rule per page. The maximum capacity is 25 sheets.

The notebook comes with a plastic casing that covers the top part of the spine. Carefully remove it before using the notebook.

Paper dimensions: 5.8 x 8.3 inches (14.8 x 21.0 cm).

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This is more than a simple...
July 19, 2013
Verified Purchase
This is more than a simple notebook, it's honestly more like a slim binder (ie for notetaking rather than filing). The paper is great and so are the refills, they even work with wet inks like fountain pens, and I think I read somewhere that you could use the CARL multihole punch that Jetpens stocks to either make your own refills if you need something unusual like staff sheets or storyboard, or to punch handouts that need to be kept in your notebook (although because the covers are slightly larger than the sheets, you could easily just use an adhesive pocket and A4 folded in half would fit).

One thing though: I don't know where they got that about a maximum capacity of 25 sheets because when I tried I could definitely fit a lot more than that in mine! I could fit almost half of the pack of Kokuyo 20-hole refills also sold by Jetpens into mine, and that's IN ADDITION to the paper the notebook ships with - all in all about 70 sheets? OK, if you do that you can't use it with the cover folded back, if you want that you need to go with fewer sheets BUT still lots more than the 25 included! So if you were considering this but thought the low capacity didn't make it worth it, do give it a chance!

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I was hoping that this...
December 7, 2014
Verified Purchase
I was hoping that this would be similar to the Lihit Lab Twist Ring A5 sized notebook, which I love and got as a free insert with my Smart Fit A5 notebook cover, but this was not the case. This is not a bad notebook, but it does have some draw backs, especially when compared to Lihit Lab's version. One of the big reasons that I purchased this notebook is that the A5 refills are more readily available than the Lihit Lab's version, and although I can make A5 refills for my Lihit Lab notebook using the Lihit Lab hole punch, I prefer premade stuff (locally the only A size paper that I can buy is A4 size Hammermill copy paper, so making good quality A5 paper can be a challenge).

1) The rings on the Kokuyo Smart Ring binder do not hold together as securely as the Lihit Lab Twist Ring binder (the rings on the Lihit Lab lock together).
2) The Kokuyo cover is not quite as sturdy as the Lihit Lab.
3) The rings are much smaller on the Kokuyo, which allows for fewer pages and a higher likelyhood of the rings opening when you do not want them to.

1) Premade A5 refills are far more readily available for the Kokuyo than they are for the Lihit Lab
2) The Campus paper is smooth and comes in the lined/dot grid hybrid (which I really like)
3) The push tab mechanism used to open the rings works well and is a nice feature
4) 20 rings (vs. the Lihit Lab's 24 ring system for their A5 notebook) makes this notebook a lot more compatible with other A5 loose leaf papers

In the end, I really wish there were some hybrid of these two notebooks. I prefer Kokuyo's paper, push tab mechanism, and ring count/spacing, but the Lihit Lab is sturdier and more spacious.
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I wish every notebook...
March 30, 2015
Verified Purchase
I wish every notebook had these kinds of ring mechanisms. I LOVE how the paper is interchangeable so you can organize notes in any order/way you need to. I love that this comes in A5 size, which is my favorite size since it's small enough for a medium purse/small bag, but also large enough to take notes with. Also a good size for college seat desks, you know the ridiculously small ones that fold up/down.

Honestly the ring mechanism feels cheap and looks cheap. The rings mechanism is not aesthetically pleasing... at all. The rings will have a gap between them with any type of tug or pull on opposing sides. Despite that, they do not come open completely, and pages do not fall out. I also thought this meant the pages would catch, since this is typical for ring systems that are prone to gaps but the pages don't catch at all. Plastic cover is very flexible, yet sturdy so you can easily tuck this into nooks and crannies of bags.

I also am not sure why it says only 25 pages will fit... Maybe a wrong translation by the company from the Japanese description to the English description because you can definitely fit a lot more.

I spent a long time debating between this and the Lihit aqua drop version. I don't own the Lihit at all, but I'll list the reasons why I picked the Kokuyo in the hopes that maybe it will save other people some time:
Kokuyo comes in A5 and B5. Lihit comes in B5 and a small memo pad option. As stated above I like the size of A5 very much.
Kokuyo paper: comes in a choice between lined 7mm, lined 6mm, or dot lined 6mm. The lined dot is my favorite paper of all time, the best of both worlds. Lihit has regular lines, graph, and plain paper (which is a decent selection too but I just love dot line) Also I like the feel and quality of Kokuyo campus paper.
Kokuyo has clear pocket inserts (and b5 size also has dividers) So you can use these to carry around and handouts/papers you need (of course folded), or if you are a student you can carry some regular binder paper around for tests/pop quizes/in class assignments.
Kokuyo also makes binders which you can transfer the papers to if you want to archive old notes/combine a lot of notes. Lihit doesn't have that (or if they do I can't seem to find it).

Also now that I have the Kokuyo and see how the ring mechanism works it seems to be a safer option that just the pull apart method that the Lihit has (though I have no basis to state if this is true or not). You cannot pull the rings apart on this. They may open a bit with pulling but once you let go, they snap back closed. The ring mechanism has a top that is very similar to the top of a retractable pen. You click the clicker down and the rings unlock. You push the rings together and the clicker releases. Also, I don't know how they do it, but the clicker will not open if the book is closed. I've tried it multiple times because I was worried about the notebook coming apart in my bag but it just doesn't open unless the notebook is open. The only way I've gotten it open with the book closed to very firmly hold the notebook together, keep it still, then click and physically pry the ring mechanism open. So I feel pretty safe just throwing this in my bag.
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I bought this one simply...
February 21, 2015
Verified Purchase
I bought this one simply because I was impressed with the blue cover version of this type of binder that I already own and have used for sometime. Changing pages is easy with the push button on the top. I can hold a good number of pages and haven't finished all that I've put in there when attending meetings.
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LOVE IT! This is the...
April 10, 2015
Verified Purchase
LOVE IT! This is the perfect size for your handbag. It's light and you can add/remove sheets as needed. I bought 2 (one for the office, one for home!)
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