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July 19, 2013
This is more than a simple...
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This is more than a simple notebook, it's honestly more like a slim binder (ie for notetaking rather than filing). The paper is great and so are the refills, they even work with wet inks like fountain pens, and I think I read somewhere that you could use the CARL multihole punch that Jetpens stocks to either make your own refills if you need something unusual like staff sheets or storyboard, or to punch handouts that need to be kept in your notebook (although because the covers are slightly larger than the sheets, you could easily just use an adhesive pocket and A4 folded in half would fit).

One thing though: I don't know where they got that about a maximum capacity of 25 sheets because when I tried I could definitely fit a lot more than that in mine! I could fit almost half of the pack of Kokuyo 20-hole refills also sold by Jetpens into mine, and that's IN ADDITION to the paper the notebook ships with - all in all about 70 sheets? OK, if you do that you can't use it with the cover folded back, if you want that you need to go with fewer sheets BUT still lots more than the 25 included! So if you were considering this but thought the low capacity didn't make it worth it, do give it a chance!

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March 6, 2014
I'm slightly disappointed....
Verified Purchase
I'm slightly disappointed. It's much flimsier than I thought it would be given the price. I'm mostly concerned it won't last. But it does work as advertised, and the paper is great. So a mixed back.