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February 16, 2014
To be honest, the only...
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To be honest, the only eraser I have to compare this one to is the Staedtler Mars, but it leaves the Mars in the dust. It erases way better, it's smudge free, it doesn't grab the paper, and it rolls up the residue into neat little strings making it a lot easier to clean up. I only wish I had gotten more than one because it's on the softer side, and I can't see myself needing $25 worth of pens and erasers any time soon!

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August 6, 2014
Verified Purchase
INTRODUCTION: I've put this eraser and 9 others (Pentel dust-gathering, light-erasing, black and stein black, Boxy, Pilot Foam, Sakura Foam, Kokuyo B/HB, Kokuyo 2B, Mars Plastic) through a rigorous and extensive series of 8 tests based on my application specifications (0.3mm Pentel Ain Stein B lead with Rhodia paper). The tests were parallel (sustained) erasing, perpendicular (instantaneous) erasing, smudge test (several perpendicular lines), large area erasing, lead-dirty erasing, clumping, finger oil dirty erasing and eraser shield compatibility. Of those tests, the main differences were highlighted in the parallel, smudge, finger oil dirty and eraser shield tests.

REVIEW: This particular eraser, the Kokuyo B/HB, was amongst the best in all test and I found it to be the all-around best performer. Sustained erasing left an evenly and supremely faint line. Instantaneous erasing performance in the smudge test was average, but reliable. Most distinguishing of all, this eraser was utterly unaffected by skin oils and left the crispest, whitest patterns with an eraser shield in a patch of lead-darkened paper.

CONCLUSION: For its extreme reliability and performance which, in my case, surpassed even the venerable Mars Plastic in some cases, I give this eraser the highest ratings as well as my personal recommendation, especially if your operational parameters are similar to mine.

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August 19, 2012
I love this eraser. ...
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I love this eraser. It works great- I'm drawing with HB pencils on regular copy paper. The eraser comes off in long twirls instead of tiny little dusty bits. I find myself using this eraser all the time and shunning the 4 other different erasers I have. But sadly my Campus just went missing so, I ordered 4 more.

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June 22, 2013
For erasing my H-grade...
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For erasing my H-grade 0.5mm mechanical pencil lead, the Campus B/HB is the best eraser I have found--and I've tested about all of the block erasers here on Jetpens, among others (the Pentel Ain Dust-Gathering was my H-grade champ until Jetpens got the Campus B/HB back in stock). The Campus B/HB cleans H lead better than the other erasers, and is less smeary while doing so, making it very easy and dependable in use. It also rolls its shavings up into a nice big, easily removed roll.

May 9, 2011
This earaser is not sadisfiyin...
This earaser is not sadisfiying becase it is not soft and may ruin your paper. But that is just my reason many have others .

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