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Notebook does not have...
May 11, 2012
Verified Purchase
Notebook does not have a very sturdy front or back cover. That is not evident from the pictures or descriptions here, so be aware of that detail if you are expecting a harder cover than the other Campus notebooks. This notebook's covers are very thin cardstock, they are laminated (but not too shiny) and just a little but sturdier than the avearge magazine cover. Also, the thin plastic overlay (that most Kokuyo Campus Pre-Dotted Twin Ring notebooks have on the front) is not included on this "Route to the Top" version.
Everything else--the paper, the dotted-style 6mm ruled lines, and the size (B5) are of the same high-quality construction you expect from Kokuyo's products. I would not expect it to last very long in the typical student's bag among heavy textbooks, or with any kind of rough treatment; those thin covers might tear! But its okay if you're just keeping it on your desk at home, which I am.
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My favorite notebooks!...
July 18, 2010
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My favorite notebooks! The lines are small, which is good for me because of my tiny writing. They make it easy to make perfect graphs and sketches, and fill margins with notes. The size is also perfect. I love this notebook!
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