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October 31, 2012
This has become my go-to...
This has become my go-to pencil, and since I have waaaaay too many pencils from Jet Pens, that's saying a lot. Feels good in the hand, skin is easy to grip, triangular body tends not to roll around on the tippy table (but it will given a steep incline). Lead feeds in through hole in advance button on end. Unclear how many leads it will store, so probably a work table tool only. No eraser, obviously. A great sketch and work pencil.

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August 3, 2014
this pencil is so good...
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this pencil is so good i love it i stole it from my boyfriend and it is mine now its so good the way it slides smoothly across paper like a magnificent ice dancer i am in love with this pencil in fact this pencil and i are engaged to be wed.

June 3, 2014
Can a cheap pencil really...
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Can a cheap pencil really be this good? Well in short YES. I'm a nut about larger dia. lead (0.9mm is my goto size) and I love the 1.3mm sized leads (I have a marksheet 1.3). I decided to give this a go as I needed a few more $$ to get free shipping on my last order. So glad I did, so very very glad. First and foremost is the fact that this pencil is so simple. Basic retractable metal sleeve, plastic cone, rubberized triangular grip and barrel, ease to feed endcap/lead feed/push button. It does not get more basic, unless your looking for a woodcase. Yea the mechanics are a plastic jaw (same as the Pentel marksheet, and the reason for 4 stars) but they work and work smoothly. Yes it is possible to shake out the spare lead, but you have to work it perfectly to do so (took my over 5 mins. of fiddling to get it to happen). Grip is so comfortable, but the pencil will roll pretty easy on an incline (so do be careful). 2 leads are included (99% sure its Campus 2B lead as I have that as a refill for my marksheet and it feels identical). Nice subtle coloring. I will be ordering more of these (perfect for getting over that $25 mark) and I plan on giving the 0.9mm a go.