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  The looks of it are nothing..., February 25, 2011
By kgs...
The looks of it are nothing special, but I think this is the best pure or standard ballpoint pen sold at JetPens. It is very comfortable to write with (subjective, I know) and the blue refill, in particular, puts down a very nice and consistent line.

Highly recommended!
  This is a great little..., July 16, 2010
By ara...
This is a great little pen. Nice to write with, very smooth and comfortable in the hand. I prefer the pink color which is amazingly beautiful but this one can also hold it's own. It's nice and I'm really glad I got both of them, this is a pen that's a keeper.
  I love this pen(got it..., June 16, 2010
By luv...
I love this pen(got it a couple of days ago)...great ink flow, easy to hold with no fatigue and I do a lot of writing daily. Would love to find a 1.0 refill--any suggestions ??

Love the "lightening fast" shipping when I place my order (within 2 days) I'm spoiled and won't shop anywhere else.
  I love this ballpoint...., March 5, 2010
By leila
I love this ballpoint. Love. Comfy to use, with nice inkflow and a clean line.
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  I have been writing with..., May 14, 2012
I have been writing with this pen for the past hour and my thumb and fingers are starting to cramp up. I imagined the white part of the pen would have gel or some type of cushion but it doesn't. It is stiff as what it would be on a regular pen.

I am not gaining any ergonomic relief by using this pen.
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  @tal - one thing I've..., March 1, 2010
By leila
@tal - one thing I've learned about Japanese pens is that most of them look cheap as heck, but write like champs. I'm giving the dark blue one a try...I'll review it once I've received and used it!
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  I have not tried this..., December 12, 2009
I have not tried this pen yet, but I might eventually. Just by looking at it, it looks sort of cheap. Although, it is very stylish and looks very nice.