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  The purpose of the corners..., September 20, 2010
By fuyuws
The purpose of the corners are to make it easier to erase particular lines without accidentally erasing something else in the process.

I was lured to purchase this since I am a big fan of the 28-Corner Eraser version. I use my planner as a scrapbook/sketch book and needed something portable that doesn't collect dirt everywhere. I especially loved how the cap has a strap attached to it as opposed to the Tombo Mono One where you can loose the cap in an instant. However, this mini stick eraser is a bit too soft for my taste. I would be erasing something and the eraser would bend increasing the effort to erase a simple line. I love the concept and the cap for this particular mini twist eraser, but the Tombo Mini One Twist eraser is the best so far from my experience.
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  Definitely looks cool,..., September 19, 2010
Definitely looks cool, and it is definitely well-built, but I just can't find the functionality. Even though it has all these corners, the more I used it the more it revealed to me that it was a gimmick. I prefer a Pink Pearl to it.
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  i want these erasers..., October 28, 2009
By stu...
i want these erasers soooooooooooooo badly