Kokuyo Kadokeshi 28-Corner Eraser - Medium - White

Kokuyo Kadokeshi 28-Corner Eraser - Medium - White

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Get the eraser that won the Kokuyo Design Award of 2002!  A normal eraser has eight corners, but this new eraser from Japan has 28!   An ingenious design that will please all stationery fanatics.  Never be without an eraser corner again!  

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this eraser is AWESOME...
October 13, 2005
this eraser is AWESOME all around. it looks so super cool that it just makes me want to use it more...it's fun to play with in class when you're bored. having so many different corners to choose from is also a wonderful thing for those hard-to-erase pencil marks. the eraser quality itself is the best - erases cleanly without smudging, and the eraser crud also seems to clump together so you don't have a huge mess. i highly recommend the kadokeshi eraser!
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Smaller than I expected,...
August 19, 2010
Verified Purchase
Smaller than I expected, but still great. It tends to get really dirty really fast, so make sure you keep it in the included sleeve.
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You can't really always...
June 30, 2010
You can't really always fully use the 28 corners of this eraser until its gone because of 2 reasons:
1) You will never be able to erase with the inside corners on this eraser.
2) How many corners do you still have after erasing once? (about 24-27 depending on how/what you erase)

Did i think it was worth $3.25? Eh, not really..Would've said YES if i was actually able to fully use the 28 corners that the maker hoped it would PHYSICALLY have after my reasonings

...and oh yeah, white erasers tend to get dirty without covers and make paper dirty when erasing
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I do not know why this...
February 1, 2010
Verified Purchase
I do not know why this product would get any reward. Ok, it looks nice, but I'm sure the designer never used it for erasing - because its useless!
The shape makes it worse than a standard one, as there are less corners you can actually use for erasing. And especially when you come to the end of one of those cubes, it just gets bad.
Sorry, but this is just bad untested design.
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Thomas Schmall
I like this eraser a...
November 23, 2009
I like this eraser a lot, but I want to keep it pristine because it's just so... perfect! however, it is soft and the quality is great. I would buy a second one, and keep it brand new.