Kokuyo Kadokeshi 28-Corner Eraser - Small - Pack of 2 - Blue and White

Kokuyo Kadokeshi 28-Corner Eraser - Small - Pack of 2 - Blue and White

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These mini size Kadokeshi are adorably cute. They are available in soft baby blue, pink and white colors.

Get the eraser that won the Kokuyo Design Award of 2002! A normal eraser has eight corners, but this new eraser from Japan has 28! The ingenious design that will please all stationery fanatics. Never be without an eraser corner again!

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These are SO cute!!!...
November 22, 2011
Verified Purchase
These are SO cute!!! I like mostly blue and white pencils and pens, and these go perfectly. The design is cute and ergonomic, and the eraser material is fairly well. Yes, there are little clumps that stick to the eraser, but with care you can get them off just fine. I do reccommend keeping them in the helpful little plastic sleeves, which keeps them clean and sahe from getting ripped in a pencil case.
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Frankly, I disagree with...
January 11, 2011
Frankly, I disagree with the review below me. I won this little package in a secret santa and I just had to try it out. its paired well with a .3 lead pencil. I think that if you are going to use it for light sketches this is great for that. Perfectly great. I am an artist, I am always doodling, and I think it was a great investment (for whoever bought it for the secret santa.) Im glad I got them and I even let my best friend have one because I wanted her to try it out. Its not hard to hold, the eraser quality is very nice, soft and the erasings ball up so its easy to clean up what little that it makes.

like I said, you should only use this for sketches, light sketches with thin pencil leads. If your lines get too heavy switch to a more heavy duty eraser. this should .IN NO WAY, be your only eraser if youre a artist. You shouldnt even use it for writing.
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Eeeh. When I first bought...
January 27, 2011
Verified Purchase
Eeeh. When I first bought this, I used it like any other block eraser. Nooooo. I quickly found out that if you do that, it just makes giant clumps of eraser residue that wont go away on your eraser. This eraser is fragile, delicate, and truly takes time for one to appreciate. Although the the eraser doesn't erase as well as some of the other ones out there on the market, the design is pretty neat when it comes to erasing small fine lines like the ones that a 0.3 pencil makes.
this eraser is well..............
March 21, 2010
this eraser is well................................

in simple words, terrible.
from internet reviews, i had read that this eraser was awesome, but actually NO.

whenever i erase, one corner rips and soon, all my 28 corners had ripped.
i know that i WAS extremely careful but the eraser was bad.
and plus the eraser didn't even erase what i wrote.
bad eraser!!!!!!!!!
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