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March 23, 2013
This is my fourth...
Verified Purchase
This is my fourth pencil case from JetPens and the first one I love!
Why do i love it so much? Well, it's both a pencil case and a pencil cup. I love opening it, standing it up, and peeling the sides down. It's like opening a present full of pens every day! Plus it's super portable. I can grab it from my desk and throw it in my backpack without going through the agonizing choice of what pens bring with me every day. I can bring all of them! I have 15 pens and pencils in there now, which is about the max.
Color is quite true to the photos. The lining is a bright cheery green. The exterior is closer to dark gray than dark green. Very attractive.
To sum up, it's attractive, holds a lot!, stands up, and is very portable. If you're thinking of buying one, I recommend it highly.

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November 3, 2013
Second pencil case bought...
Verified Purchase
Second pencil case bought at this store. I liked this because it is a pencil holder on your desk and can be converted to a pencil case when you need to bring it with you. A huge compartment that holds your pencils and pens, a small pocket can hold few mechanical pencil refills, and an eraser, or USB Flash drive. When you are on-the-go you can flap up the exterior and it can be converted into a pencil case. I love this type of pencil case because it is a pencil holder you can put on your desk, then raise the flap and can convert to a pencil case. Very efficient, smart design of pencil case. The colors are cool which is dark grey and lime green - not very distracting - just a cool color combination.