Kokuyo Novita Alpha Holder File - A4 - 4 Pockets

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Life is more fun when you're organized! Kokuyo's innovative Novita Alpha series is an amazing filing system that lets you create your own file book that is customized to your needs. The Clear Books are the book covers, and the holders (called "Files") hold your documents. Mix and match the Clear Books with the holder types you want to use! Simply slide the holders into the grooves in the Clear Book spine, and they stay put securely. The holders are very easy to insert and remove, and you can insert as many or as few as you want. They come in a variety of formats (Pocket Files, Holder File, Zipped Pocket File, and Card File), and the Pocket Files come in a rainbow of colors. This helps you organize your files and makes them easy to find.

Because it's so easy to add and remove the holders, you can just take the documents you need to your meetings and classes, instead of carrying around all your documents all the time. Using different-colored holders for different projects or discussion topics makes this even easier. Use them for your personal files or meeting notes, or insert meeting presentation materials and distribute them to meeting participants. At home, sort your receipts or other files by month or type. For school, divide your notes by subject!

Each Clear Book has flexible yet thick and sturdy translucent covers that protect your documents. To label your book, you can pull out the included spine label and insert your own if desired. The book is slim if you have not filled it much, but also expands to accommodate many documents. You can insert up to six holders, and each Clear Book already comes with two Clear 12-pocket Pocket Files (24 total pockets).

The holders are ultra-thin with a thin spine. Most have multiple pockets, which is great for organizing. Each holder is very flexible and therefore easy to carry around, but the protective covers are durable enough to protect your files even when the holder is carried outside of a Clear Book.

This is the Kokuyo Novita Alpha Holder File - A4 - 4 Pockets. Some photos feature other Kokuyo Novita Alpha products.

This Holder File features a clear cover and contains two sheets, each with two transparent grayish light blue flap pockets for a total of four pockets. The flap pockets give you easy access to documents that you plan to remove and insert often. A small tab at the top of each pocket can be hooked over the top edge to help prevent papers from sliding out. Each pocket is 9.0 x 11.9 inches (22.8 x 30.2 cm) and fits A4 size sheets, letter size sheets, or smaller.

Model NumberKOKUYO RA-NF200B
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Put my notebooks in here....
March 5, 2015
Verified Purchase
Put my notebooks in here. Fits wirebound 8.5x11" notebook very nicely.
This is great for keeping...
March 3, 2015
Verified Purchase
This is great for keeping handouts and notes for class, which I usually file away after taking a test. I like the colors, and how both the front and the back are covered with more clear plastic. This is so that if you decide to bring just this file and not the entire clear book, there's no danger of things falling out. All of the alpha files are made this way, so that's pretty neat! I did notice that in the inner left pocket, the corners of the papers I keep there tend to get bent because they slide to the right when I close the folder. I guess I just have to be more careful.
Presentation best...
February 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
Presentation best