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You need 2 go's with...
March 6, 2010
Verified Purchase
You need 2 go's with this stamp to conceal information- just one is not enough. Also, there were no understandable (I can't read Japanese) instructions on how to apply the refill ink that came with it. I had purchased the bigger refill also and those had instructions, however, Jetpens should come out w/ an article on how to apply the refill. I think I got the gist after dissecting the really small pictures on the refill for a long time. Still, this stamp does the job.
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I don't have room for...
March 11, 2011
Verified Purchase
I don't have room for a shredder. I don't want shredding scissors because that is manual (hands) labor which can be a pain. I am thrilled with my new Kokuyo Security Roller Stamp
from JetPens (two sizes, I have the larger (3" x 2-3/4" x 1-3/4"). It prints Japanese characters and rolls back & forth easily if a single pass is insufficient. The shiny black smoothly rounded surface with a flip-cover for the inky roller surface is elegant and fits in a small drawer. Since this ink does not dry on glossy surfaces, for that I revert to my old option of wetting the paper under a faucet of running water to soften, crumple it into a ball, and toss. This lump is impossible to read, wet or dried. Fast, cheap and effective. Since I am not in an office but at home, it works for me.
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Claire May
Works as intended, need...
January 3, 2013
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Works as intended, need to keep it inked. Some paper types can be finicky. Great idea over using a shredder...saves time.
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I agree with the other...
October 3, 2010
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I agree with the other review - I wish this thing had refill instructions in English! Also, jeeze, this thing is EXPENSIVE! It works, as long as what you're trying to cover up isn't on glossy paper (matte is best, like regular paper). If it's glossy, it will smudge even if you let it dry for several minutes before touching. But yes, it does work. There are probably less expensive alternatives out there, but if you're Mr.Moneybags, this is certainly an effective product.
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This was great until...
April 5, 2015
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This was great until it started falling apart (rubber splitting) after about 2 months of light to moderate use. After a few more gentle uses, the entire rubber portion broke off. Now it is useless and will have to be tossed. I was expecting a higher quality product for the price. Now it's back to cutting out my address.
jumper 328
Great. Earlier versions...
December 30, 2014
Verified Purchase
Great. Earlier versions were better, but this works
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