Kokuyo Tape 'n' Roller Plus Adhesive - Permanent

Kokuyo Tape 'n' Roller Plus Adhesive - Permanent

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The secret to elegant scrapbooking and gift wrapping! The Kokuyo Tape 'n' Roller Plus provides a precise application of adhesive. It rolls smoothly and easily, has a clean cut, and will not wrinkle paper or leave any bumps. No drying time is needed and it is refillable - so you can reduce environmental waste! One cartridge has 33 feet of adhesive.

Uses: At home - scrapbooks, paper crafts, card making, gift wrapping
At school - artwork, crafts, posters, charts
At work - presentations, charts, sealing envelopes, photo mounting

Customer Reviews

This is basically double...
June 12, 2008
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This is basically double sided tape that's been perforated. Much like how a roll of paper towels is just one really long paper towel that's been wrapped around a cardboard tube and perforated into smaller sections. It's quite wonderful. Any tape would be proud to exist in this form.

There is only one minor issue. After the adhesive is applied to a surface and the dispenser is being pulled away, a few sections of the adhesive can fail to detach immediately, causing a couple of loose sections to lie towards the end of the strip of adhesive. The only possible problem this can present is when a very thin paper is being taped down. The loose sections can end up folding over itself, causing bumps under the paper, preventing it from lying completely flat and smooth.

It doesn't take too much practice to avoid the aforementioned situation, so it's not all that big a deal. I'd imagine that this isn't much of an issue for the Dot Roller version of this tape. (Plus, the tape itself is very thin anyway, so unless you're a perfectionist like me, you won't notice.)

Either way, still a very strong product. Perfect for when you want to wrap a gift, but leave no visible sign of ever having used any tape.