Kokuyo Will Stationery Actic Pencil Case - Black

Kokuyo Will Stationery Actic Pencil Case - Black

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Kokuyo has a fantastic series of pencil cases from Japan that combines function with style.

Brilliant design makes this pencil case a pouch while on the road, and an open pen holder when in use. Access all your pens easily with a pencil case that zips open to become a pen and pencil holder perfect for any library desk or office. The Actic line is made of sturdy Polyurethane hard foam plastic, which is high in strength, light in weight and efficient in insulation and protection. The case can fit 8-10 writing instruments comfortably.

Measures: 7.4 inches tall x 2.5 inch x 1.5 inch base.

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I do not understand how...
April 12, 2011
I do not understand how someone could honestly write that they can only hold 5 pens or pencils in this case. I own both the small size and large, inside the small I carry 2 Kaweco sport fountain pens (large diameter), 1 Propus Highlighter, and one jet stream ball point pen. It is tight but never a problem zipping or bulging. I don't carry the large as often but I can fit much more in that than in the small, do the math. This case can fit more than "5 pens or pencils" comfortably.

Very sturdy, opens well and stands perfect even when loaded to the max. Very nice product especially if you have a bunch of stuff in your pack and don't want the case to bend or get beat up.
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Great little handy thing....
February 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
Great little handy thing. I bought this to dodge my previous problem of having so many pencils stuffed in one bag that I'd always have to go digging for things. This works beautifully and carries just what I need along with some extras. Contents as of now: 1 6-inch ruler, 3 drafting pencils, 1 container of Ain lead, 2 small eraser refill tubes, 1 Tuff Stuff knock eraser, 1 Pilot envelope addressing pen, 1 Zebra brush pen, 1 3-color Slicci multipen, 2 Style Fit single slim pens, and a Boxy eraser that fits in the gap between the pens and the top of the case. Works just as advertised and has protective shell-like sides and a small footprint on my desk. My one issue is that the zipper does tend to get stuck at the top because of the way the end of the zipper track tucks into the case and dangles loose there - you have to pinch the top while beginning to zip it closed. This could be remedied by a few stitches or a dab of good glue.

Overall a nice solid case that does exactly what I want it to. I've had it for a while now and abused it in an overstuffed bookbag - it hasn't taken a bit of damage. You're paying for very solid construction.
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Fine product.very ha...
September 29, 2015
Verified Purchase
Fine product.very happy
A wonderful pencil case,...
May 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
A wonderful pencil case, and holds more than you would expect. Mine currently has: a Bic white out pen, a regular wood pencil, a Pentel Hybrid Technica 03, a Lamy Safari, a Papermate ballpoint (in case someone asks to borrow a pen!), a Pilot Maica, my Platinum Plaisir, one Plaisir cartridge, and a Staedtler Mars eraser. The eraser is bulky so doesn't fit well and takes up the room of a couple of more pens--I would recommend a pen-style eraser for this type of case. The mesh pocket at the front is great for holding fountain pen cartridges. As some have noted, the zipper sticks a bit at the very top, but it's not a huge issue for me given the gorgeous, sleek design of this beauty. Definitely a great case and worth splashing out on for those special pens--especially pens, like fountain pens, that you want to keep upright.
I like this pencil case....
October 27, 2014
Verified Purchase
I like this pencil case. It has a net in front which isn't really big enough for anything I'd want to keep in it, its too small for an eraser or extra lead. That is kind of disappointing. But the case itself is nice, I've had it for two years and it has held up well.
J Frenkel