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  I apologize in advance..., February 10, 2011
I apologize in advance for writing this here.

In response to the review posted before me. I think it is ignorant rating the quality of an item based on speculation. Even worse is to give the product a low rating (3 stars). If you want to strike a conversation about a product or to state passive aggressive comments do so on your own blog where people who care about your opinion can visit and participate in the discussion.

Manufacturers as well as the retailer rely on honest evaluations of products to make sales. I personally have a hard time buying something with less than 4 stars from any web site when there is only a few reviews. Fortunately I take the time to read most reviews and can determine if the rating is some what accurate or nonsense. Not everyone is that diligent. Please show some respect for peoples lively hood and other peoples valuable time and refrain from discrediting their products from pure speculation. I am sure they will appreciate it and so will millions of consumers browsing the internet on a daily basis.
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  If you are looking for..., May 31, 2011
By mba...
If you are looking for surgical scissors, you should buy them. if you are looking for something safe and easy to carry around, decent quality cutting edge, and just plain good design for the purpose, buy these scissors. Yes, they are expensive, but not exorbitant and they are FUN.
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  These are awesome!..., October 13, 2011
By sno...
These are awesome!
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  pls restock!..., March 24, 2010
By aer...
pls restock!
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  I wonder how well this..., April 1, 2010
By blu...
I wonder how well this thing cuts. I like my scissors to do crisp work. Even Junior Acme can do that if you luck out. $15+ better not feel like $0.15. I wonder the dimensions...