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May 19, 2014
Nice, even stroke, non-bleedin...
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Nice, even stroke, non-bleeding ink (at least, not on the paper I've used). Nice variation of thick and thin lines in one pen, really versatile. I use this for copperplate calligraphy practice, and it works perfectly! Great buy.

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January 2, 2015
Fun felt tip pen. It's...
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Fun felt tip pen. It's comfortable to hold and use; the tip is a good stiffness. I tried inking a few pencil sketches with it and did notice that there is a lot of fading when you erase over it. Even using an extra soft Factis eraser on most types of paper. Moleskine journals take the ink evenly but are especially bad with lifting from an eraser.

J Tenneyson
March 23, 2010
Tips are the same as...
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Tips are the same as the Kuretake disposable sign pens fine and extra fine. Pen otherwise is well made with good heft.

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