Kuretake Comic Pen Nib - Maru (Mapping) Model - Pack of 2

Kuretake Comic Pen Nib - Maru (Mapping) Model - Pack of 2

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Pack of two Maru model comic nibs only. Nib body available separately.

JetPens is proud to bring in the Kuretake Comic nib line! Comic nibs are famous for producing strong and crisp lines that are difficult to duplicate with pens and brushes. They are great for creating detail in drawings. Varying nib sizes are available to suit your drawing needs. Each nib should be used with a wooden body holder.

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Remember 90s shoujo manga...
August 27, 2014
Remember 90s shoujo manga and the incredibly detailed, fine feathery lashes on the characters' eyes? This is the pen for that. It's definitely hard to work with, though. There's not much point to using it on paper without a good 'vellum' finish, because it will just scratch up too much of the paper. And it's so delicate that even ink causes resistance as it dries!

I've gotten around that, though, by watering down my black ink. It still dries waterproof on the paper, but it essentially washes itself off as I draw with it. This new method is a relief, because my last maru nib was so damaged by hard-drying ink that the ends snapped right off. But it's a trade-off, really- anything which gives such a level of detail is going to be rather delicate.
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This is a nice soft crow...
November 11, 2015
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This is a nice soft crow quill nib, even going up it doesn't snag on the paper. I've been able to get some beautiful lines out of this little nib!
These are pretty similar...
October 24, 2014
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These are pretty similar to the Deleter comic pens that I use a lot. They are a bit stiff but they put down some pretty good lines.