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October 19, 2012
I always tuck one of...
Verified Purchase
I always tuck one of these into my jetpens cart, can't get enough of it! 8) I can mash the stiff tip as much as I want and still get thin as well as thicker lines. Unlike other reviewers, I don't mind the dryness when you make a long/fast stroke. It adds interest/texture to the line.

It's waterproof and can stand up to copic markers (if you're into that thing).

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June 6, 2012
To me it was an amazing...
Verified Purchase
To me it was an amazing pen, but sadly I didn't get must time with it! For some reason the brush won't write anymore and the ink is spilling out like crazy. I have ordered another one to see if the problem will be the same or if it was something I did that caused it to do that.

Overall, I fine that it is an amazing pen to write with and I got a lot out of it from that short period that I used it. Glad that I took the chance on it! :) And I highly recommend it for people to try. All my friends have tried it and absolutely adored it! -_- That may be the reason it's not working... I haven't the heart to throw it out though!

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November 2, 2012
I've bought a few of...
I've bought a few of these Kuretake brushpens and have had exactly the same problem as g_girl_648; alot of leaking especially. So I've given up and stick with the Zebra brushpens.

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December 1, 2014
This is a fantastic dispossabl...
Verified Purchase
This is a fantastic dispossable brush pen. Great line quality and a sturdy tip make for a delightfull writing and drawing tool.

November 13, 2014
Work very well...
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Work very well

October 16, 2014
Like the extra fine....
Verified Purchase
Like the extra fine...

October 18, 2013
Amazing pen, it's almost...
Verified Purchase
Amazing pen, it's almost surreal how good it is, the lines are so easy to control, an excellent tool for your inking bag! Only downside I found is that the ink isn't as black as the Pitt pens (which aren't as dark as actual india ink) but not that bad really.

January 29, 2012
When KC Green did a sketch...
Verified Purchase
When KC Green did a sketch for me using this pen over three years ago, I asked him what kind of pen it was and where he bought it. He pointed me here, and ever since, it's the only pen I've inked with on a regular basis. I've tried plenty of other disposable brush pens, and while this pen isn't perfect, it's as close as I've found. The one and only weakness is that if you draw too much too quickly, it will get a bit dry and won't leave a clean line. Aside from that, it's a beautiful stiff tip that doesn't require anywhere near as light a touch as most other brands. If you usually use Wacom tablets and want to find a brush pen for when you're not at the computer, this is the pen for you. I never go anywhere without three of these in my pencil case.

March 5, 2011
Really wonderful to draw...
Verified Purchase
Really wonderful to draw with. The tip isn't super sensitive to pressure, so it's easy to get a super thin line, especially for someone with a heavy hand like me. And it's still easy to get a nice line variation when you want. Unlike most brush pens, you can make nice quality fast lines with this. Love it through and through.

December 29, 2010
For drawing, I find this...
Verified Purchase
For drawing, I find this pen a little too lacking variation (for a brush pen, that is) and a little too dry on long strokes.

But for comic lettering, this is my current go-to pen, with just the right variation for Roman letters.