Kuretake No. 40 Fountain Hair Brush Pen - Sable Hair + Refill

Kuretake No. 40 Fountain Hair Brush Pen - Sable Hair + Refill

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Find out why natural is always better than synthetic. This brush from Kuretake is made from authentic sable hair and feature an elegant matte black body. The No. 40 pen comes in a cardboard gift box and includes a box of 3 ink cartridges. Sable hair brush pen tip replacements are also available. The brush pen is also compatible with the Platinum Fountain Pen Converter, giving artists the ability to try out all different types of inks.

The body material is made of brass coated with Urethane. It is intended to give the pen a slightly soft, leather-like feel.

The Fountain Hair Brush Pen's structure is the same as a fountain pen. If your ink cartridge or brush tip stiffens or gets stuck after a long period of being idle, you can use the following steps to get your pen going again:

1) Remove the ink from the pen. 2) Soak the brush pen tip in warm water. Change the water until you do not see anymore black liquid (1-5 days). *Please do not remove the metal part or disassemble the brush part, otherwise, it might cause ink leakage. 3) Rinse it well with running water, then dry off and remove the excess water with tissues. Leave it out of direct sunlight to let it dry for a day or so. *If you reassemble the pen without drying it, the ink can leak from the side. 4) Insert the new ink refill.

After you insert the ink, the writing might be a bit weak in color due to the moisture of the brush, however, if you keep writing for a while, the color of the ink should go back to the original color.

To avoid any drying issues, we recommend to use this pen often without a long period of no usage. Also when you finish writing, we recommend to dry the brush lightly with some tissue before putting the cap back on.

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i'm not sure how to rate...
April 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
i'm not sure how to rate this pen yet. i used the pentel pocket brush for years, it got a TON of use and i really put it through its paces. eventually, the tip lost it point and i decided to move on instead of replacing it. my biggest complaint about the pentel was the ink. i eventually had to buy specific paper to keep the ink from feathering.

moving on to the kuretaka was a big step because i'm used to more disposable materials. i figured i'd take the plunge if it was durable and from what i could gather everyone seems to love it. immediately, i liked the ink more. the sable hair tip is even more like using a real brush (which i still use) than the pentel.

here's my complaint though. only had the pen for a few months and the tip is already garbage. it no longer gives the thin lines i like, like old blown-out brushes. i don't know. pretty disappointed. not too thrilled about forking out another $30 + to get a new tip when i've only had a few months, especially since the pen is nearly $70.

did i get a defective brush tip?
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More info and pictures...
October 25, 2011
Verified Purchase
More info and pictures on http://www.elizafrye.com/wordpress/?p=1745

The Box
In typical Japanese fashion, the pen is packaged better than most Christmas presents. It comes in a slipcase box with gold foil details, and just opening it made me feel special. Look at that rice paper hang tag! I’m a professional artist now.

The Ink
The pen comes with three cartridges, and the ink itself is actually pretty decent. It’s water based and flows beautifully through the pen. Not quite as opaque as I would like, but then I find almost all inks disappointing in that regard. Luckily using the Platinum Converter the pen can be filled with any type of ink. Pretty awesome! Replacement Brush tips are also available. I feel better about a tool when I can replace its key parts.

The Brush
The pen itself has a really sleek matte finish that just feels good in your hands. The response of the brush is very similar to the other Kuretake brush pens, but better in all the ways you would expect from natural hair. It holds a nice point and produces gorgeous line quality. Quick strokes result in a dry brush effect that I found especially pleasing. The pen’s versatility of line is definitely it’s strongest feature. I used it for all of my Mid-Ohio Comic Con sketches, and could only have been happier if the tip were slightly larger, specifically size #6 like my favorite Isabey brush.

Like any natural hair brush, the No. 40 will be your best friend for life if you pamper it just a little. The instruction booklet recommends washing out the brush tip if it gets stiff or sits unused for a long period of time. ‘A long period of time’ to me means more than 24 hours, so the one to five day washing procedure is a little annoying and perhaps the pen’s only downside.

The Conclusion
If inking a line with anything besides your favorite sable-haired workhorse makes your eyebrows crinkle and your mouth scrunch up, this pen is for you. The No. 40 is beautiful to hold, performs like a champion racehorse, and comes in elite fancy packaging. However, if you just need a fantastic travel brush, I recommend the No. 13. I wore mine out and would have bought it again if the No. 40 didn’t mash all of my brush snob buttons. Congratulations Kuretake, you win the Best Brush Pen Prize. For life.
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Update: I just got a...
July 10, 2010
Verified Purchase
Update: I just got a bottle of the Platinum Carbon ink from JetPens and a converter, and the pen has ratcheted up into the amazing category. Dries dark, quick, and no feathering on any of the papers I tried in my last review. The downside: I basically spent $90 on a brushpen system. But it's the most like a brush I've seen and I can get really detailed thin lines with it-- and since the ink is in a pretty big bottle, it's going to last me quite a while.

So I'd recommend if you have the money to invest, ditching the ink in favor of the Carbon ink and refilling yourself with a converter or syringe. It's night and day.
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I wanted to post again...
November 29, 2010
Verified Purchase
I wanted to post again after having used this pen for over a year now. Again I have to say it is the best brush pen I have found. I have used about everyone offered on this site, and some other random and cheap ones I have found other places. I also have been using platinum carbon ink in it as opposed to the regular kuretake that it comes with, and I find it works better this way. I recommend this pen to anyone.

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I just recieved my pen...
March 3, 2012
Verified Purchase
I just recieved my pen in the mail and could not be happier. I ordered on a tuesday and I received my package on friday with the free shipping. I do have to say though that this pen does not come in a wood gift box but rather a cardboard box like the 1 pictured. It does come with a oil cartridge installed in the pen to keep three sable hair from drying out. So when you first go to use it remove the pill cartridge and rinse the bristles in warm water then install the ink cartridge and with a scrap piece off paper Betsy for a good 20 to 30 minutes to get the ink flowing past the oil residue. Because off those three ink will be quite thin and grey for the first day until you work work enough ink through it. After that though I am happy to report that the ink supplied is water proof and even stands up to alcohol markers such as my Copics. The sable tip is wonderful and I finally jabber a brush poem that it's comparative to my inking brushes. I had been using a Pentel pocket brush pen and can say that this pen is in another league and definitely worth the money.
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