Kuretake No. 40 & No. 50 Fountain Hair Brush Pen Replacement Tip - Sable

Kuretake No. 40 & No. 50 Fountain Hair Brush Pen Replacement Tip - Sable

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One sable hair brush pen tip replacement for the Kuretake No. 40 & No. 50 Fountain Brush Pens.

Find out why natural is always better than synthetic. Modern sable hair brushes are rare and have been eagerly requested by our artist customers. Brush tips are made from authentic sable hair and have exceptionally smooth performance.

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Hello, and a wonderfull...
March 28, 2009
Hello, and a wonderfull (whatever daytime you might be reading this...)

I am one of the crazy illustrators and freelance-artists mentioned here, who eagerly requested these pens, nib refills AND Pens...

This pen is proof that even the best synthetics can not mess with mother natures gifts.

The Kuretake DV140-40/50 is THE best Brushpen I have ever had the pleasure to handle. You can not compare the synthetics to the natural sable. And 27$ for the natural sable is a proof that a goodlike entithy exists ^_^

TIP:--------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------

It's natural sable bristles offer a higher flexibility than any other pen with a brush-like tip you might find on this page, better than the Pentel GFKP FP10 or the Kuretake DV140-13C or or or... I have them all, but THIS one is the best.

In the beginning there is a cartridge inserted in the tip with oil and water, so the bristles do not dry out, a very clever idea by the company.

The Bristles spring back to a sharp point, offer a very high resiliency and very good controll of pressure and line width.

After 9 months of being in use and 27 used cartridges, the tip looks quite like new, so the possibility to buy spare/replacement tips/nibs is great and counts as a plus, but it is not necessary too often, a second plus.

Sometimes you should clean the tip, just use some cold to mid-temperated water and wipe the pen out on a clean tissue.
For larger areas, you should, after all, stick to synthetic bristles, since natural hair is more about control and detail, and not for fast colouring of large areas, which would (di)stress the hairs a lot.

IN THE END:--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

Kuretake DV140-40 AND DV140-50 are all getting five stars, since they are very close one to antoher in weight, and since they share the same tip their performance equals one another very closely, too.

And they are highly better than the synthetic counterparts of the DV140-13C.

Forget about all the other brush-pens which use synthetic bristles, when you use this kind of pens a lot, buy one with natural bristles, especially if you are up to detailed, evry controlled work.

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Kuretake No. 13 + this...
February 15, 2012
Verified Purchase
Kuretake No. 13 + this item = Kuretake No. 40/50. Confirmed.

Requires a light touch to get the full benefit and would be better for someone who has experience with brush pens. I've tried a bunch of synthetics but this one is pretty special. The sable hair tip has a much wider range of line widths than the No. 13's - really, it's a night and day difference. I use it with the platinum converter with some Noodler's "Heart of Darkness" - it's a solid combination.

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This excellent brush...
March 10, 2016
Verified Purchase
This excellent brush tip offers a more responsive experience when compared to Kuretake's synthetic brush tip. I've used the same tip several times a week for almost 2 years now with both the Kuretake ink cartridges and the Platinum Carbon cartridges and it still flows perfectly with minimal maintenance.

I would take half a star off if I could as I noticed a while ago that the longest hairs seem to have fallen out, leaving it incapable of producing a hairline stroke. However, it remains a joy to use.

Notes: This replacement tip will fit into the body of the cheaper No. 13 pen and makes an easy upgrade if you're looking to move up from a synthetic tip. The transparent plastic cap is airtight and I prefer it to the metal pen cap that the complete brush pen comes with as there is less chance of bending or crushing the tip (which happened with my No. 13 tip).