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This pen is a great brush...
July 31, 2010
Verified Purchase
This pen is a great brush pen, and I am pleased to add it to my collection.

I should start off by describing the way I have been using this pen. I am an intermediate Japanese student who has been practicing the kanji to memorize them, and since I also work with traditional Japanese calligraphy and making my own ink, I already am aware of the pros and cons of using a (real or synthetic) brush. So basically, I can't really review this from an artist's standpoint, and I have no idea whether it would be useful for that purpose, though I imagine it would.

The Kuretake No. 8 writes very well, but you obviously have to remember to not use it like you would a pen--you'll put too much pressure on it and the lines will be sloppy. Many have complained about the Kuretake ink not being waterproof (though it does become waterproof over the course of a few weeks), but I've heard the carbon ink fits and is waterproof instantly or very soon after drawing. I haven't tested those claims, and frankly this is perfect for me since I don't do drawing with these. The ball bearing that mixes the ink is ingenious to me.

I was impressed with the amount of control this brush has when compared to a real calligraphy brush, and it does indeed come quite close. In fact, I've found that since this tip is a bit smaller than the ones I've been using that I can almost put down lines so thin it looks like handwriting (but obviously a little thicker than a pen). This tip is essentially the same as the No. 13, and I find it has great control when doing strokes. I really dislike the felt tip brush pens mostly because they don't really seem to have the level of control that a brush tip does.

I can't really touch on how well this works with other ink, but if you need to practice writing characters like me to aid memorization, this pen is a great choice. It really replicates the feel of a natural brush fairly well for the money, though it still is not as controlled as a brush pen or brush with real hair, but in this price range, I think it's a winner. I took off a bit from my rating only because the pen appears a bit more "disposable" in nature than it could, but that's really my only complaint thus far. It's functionally a great pen and if you're on the fence, I don't think you will regret taking the plunge. :P
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So far I've only used...
April 28, 2010
Verified Purchase
So far I've only used the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and this one, but I like this one much better. The ink flows faster, allowing fast strokes to stay more saturated. The tip of the pen body is more tapered, so you can comfortably hold it further down for more precise work. Also what's cool is the Kuretake ink cartridges have a small metal ball blocking the hole - when you snap the cartridge into the pen, the ball is forced into the cartridge where it stays and keeps the ink mixed up. Awesome!
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I just wanted to add...
July 16, 2010
I just wanted to add to my earlier review favouring this brushpen over the Pentel standard. I am not bought or a Jetpen goon, but I do not want to misrepresent something good. Having used the Pentel more underlines my initial impression of both having their uses, but even more I love them equally now. In short, try both: Kuriyaki no.8 = rounded soft controllability, Pentel Standard = rustic squared off lines and snappy elasticity.
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The Kuretake Fountain...
August 9, 2008
Verified Purchase
The Kuretake Fountain Hair Brush Pen has functionally the same nib as the Kuretake #13 Fountain Brush Pen. The Kuretake Fountain Hair Brush Pen is not nearly as pretty and the plain brown plastic body is so long that posting the cap makes the pen feel unwieldy. However, the pen's use without its cap posted is like using the #13 pen with that pen's cap posted. If you are going for function and not looks, then save money and buy this pen rather than the #13 pen. Both pens are very fun to use and come with cartridges of black, non-waterproof ink, but accept the Platinum cartridges of black waterproof ink (also sold by JetPens).
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This pen is a joy to...
March 29, 2010
Verified Purchase
This pen is a joy to draw with. It's similar to the Pentel Pocket Brush, but with a touch more responsiveness. Of all the brush pens I've tried, this one is the most like using an actual brush.
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I do so hope that this...
March 4, 2010
I do so hope that this gets noticed in the sea of (Kuretake especially) brush pens available, because I will need another one (or five) once mine wears out. It's basically a long pointy and fair haired high quality synthetic brush plugged into a well-fed pen, like a proper brush that never runs out. No squeeze necessary. The body is very snazzy in a utilitarian functional way, it doesen't show in the pic but it's like a slightly metallic cold brown with a subtle shift towards red/pink. The cap has three raised ridges to stop it from rolling (nice attention to detail). The elongated barrel is comfortable and does make it more brushlike, a normal pen body would probably have affected its usability negatively. It weighs next to nothing like it should. I use it for art, and having only plugged in a Pentel Standard super fine for a short spin (with the hideous off-blue black ink bundled with it so maybe I'm not objective) I easily prefer this over that for my own uses which is typical fine art ink drawings - think tapered clouds with brush cross hatching or comics/illustrations with rustic patterns and textures. I think both have their use and I really haven't fully evaluated the Pentel yet so dont hesitate to try either, but this is a comparably soft (but still perky elastic) brush with which only your dexterity, pace and handling is the limit to how fine and expressive a stroke you can make with it. The Pentel felt more stubby. Works great with Platinum carbon ink cartridges and like noted the flow can be everything from somewhat dry to wet depending on how you store it, how much you lace on with it, if you shake it to get the flow going and so on. I recommend to store it horizontally laying down.
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A dependable brush pen...
January 27, 2016
Verified Purchase
A dependable brush pen with refills. Does need a good cleaning though after a couple cartridges.
Love this simple fountain...
December 13, 2015
Verified Purchase
Love this simple fountain pen. Very fine tip - just what I wanted.
I have used this pen...
October 16, 2015
Verified Purchase
I have used this pen a lot since I bought it. The brush tip is nice and responsive; the pen is comfortable to hold, even in my small hands (the length, even when posted, has not been any trouble); I've only left it alone long enough to go through the cleaning process once, and that went smoothly and without a hitch; I have been sticking the Platinum Carbon cartridges in mine and that ink is absolutely lovely, though the ink that comes in the pack is also a nice dark black (I didn't test it for waterfastness though). These days, when I want to sketch loosely and with expressiveness, I reach for this pen before any other drawing tool.
This is the first hair...
August 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
This is the first hair pen I've ever used so I was very excited to use it. I skipped the cartridges it came with and popped in a Akashiya Bamboo Brush pen cartridge.
It was tricky at first and still is. My hands are a bit shaky from the medication I take so sometimes the lines can be a bit... strange to say the least. When I tilt it on it's side I get a nice dry brush effect which I really love. I was going to get the Pentel one people rave about but ended up not since a friend told me they were sending one along with some other goodies.
I had my eye on this one for a while though so I finally picked one up.
It's really great. The flexibility is all there, it stays pointed, and the amount of line width is incredible. I'm loving using it and it's become an extremely welcome addition to my pen arsenal. My other pens are some fude brush pens, a fine fountain pen, and a brush stroke style fountain pen from Sailor. It fits in just right and seems to fill in any gaps I was missing.
If you're looking to buy this and are wary, pick one up. For me it was definitely worth it. All round it's a wonderful pen!
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