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Kuretake Waterbrush - Petit Set


Kuretake Waterbrush - Petit Set - KURETAKE KG205-80
  • Kuretake Waterbrush - Petit Set - KURETAKE KG205-80
  • Kuretake Waterbrush - Petit Set - KURETAKE KG205-80
  • Kuretake Waterbrush - Petit Set - KURETAKE KG205-80
  • Kuretake Waterbrush - Petit Set - KURETAKE KG205-80
  • Kuretake Waterbrush - Petit Set - KURETAKE KG205-80
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As if the watercolor brush wasn't small enough, this convenient set makes painting on the go even easier! The watercolor brush included in this set can actually be stored with the medium size tip brush facing inward so that the bristles will be protected AND the size becomes smaller. The set comes with a compact water bottle so that you can create artwork whether traveling on an airplane or through desert terrain.

Waterbrushes are a fairly new invention from Japan that have quickly gained popularity all around the world. There is a lot of potential in these brushes, as they eliminate the tools normally needed for watercolor paintings.

Waterbrushes are so simple to use, anyone can enjoy it. Just fill the water brush with water and you have a brush that is moist and ready to paint. One full waterbrush can paint an entire canvas without the need to refill! They're great for blending watercolor paints to create a natural, smooth gradient of colors. They beautifully complement watercolor sets such as the Akashiya brushes and the Pentel Aquash. The brushes are very easy to clean, just squeeze out some water and brush onto a paper towel or sponge. Once you try it, you will be hooked!

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Model NumberKURETAKE KG205-80
Shipping Weight0.36 oz

1 person found this helpful
  Go the Petit Set because..., August 11, 2011
By anita.misa - See all my reviews
Go the Petit Set because I wanted to try out waterbrush painting. I think this one is so great I don't feel inclined to upgrade to a full size one anytime soon.
The only problem I've had was my Mom kept borrowing it, so I had to get her one as well.

Also I would love to get some more of those little bottles like the one the set comes with, would jetpens consider stocking?
1 person found this helpful
  It's a really a cute..., November 22, 2009
By transient.nature - See all my reviews
It's a really a cute little brush, and it performs very well. Length wise, It's a little bit shorter than the Pilot Petit 1 Fountain Pen when capped. The brush size is close to a No 1 Round Brush. I think it will be very portable, and perfect for smaller scale work and sketchbooks.
1 person found this helpful
  This water brush set..., November 7, 2008
By faieonline - See all my reviews
This water brush set is the perfect size for watercolor travel kits. The short brush barrel might pose a problem for people with huge hands. The bottle is able to carry up to 1 oz of liquid. Water flows out of the brush smoothly, unlike the regular size Kuretake water brushes where you have to squeeze hard on the barrel to get the flow going. I'd say function-wise, the brush behaves more like the Pentel Aquash than its full-size Kuretake versions. As for the brush tip, it is the same size as the small Kuretake water brush. All-in-all, I love this product. I'm thinking of buying another one as a spare.
  The brush, assembled,..., September 29, 2013
By fkf... - See all my reviews
The brush, assembled, is smaller than I expected, but I like that it is truly pocket sized. But I find I really have to use up or dump all the water in it if I want to put it back in my pocket after use, because the barrel is also the brush cap (and make sure you have something to wipe off the wet end where the brush inserts into the barrel.

The little water bottle defeats me, as I can't read the Japanese directions. I tried filling it by squeezing the accordioned end, immersing the top in a cup of water and then releasing the accordioned part. It sucked up only about 10ml of water. After several tries to get more in, I ended up using a mini funnel I had left from an old refillable perfume spray while holding the tiny opening under a stream of running water and slowly it filled. What am I doing wrong?
  Great inexpensive set! This..., May 30, 2012
By leslie.herger - See all my reviews
Great inexpensive set!
This water brush works great. The waterbottle holds plenty of water for a day of sketching with watercolors. This set will fit in event he smallest watercolor sets and pairs well with my mini mint tin DIY watercolor sets.

The brush holds a point well and is hidden inside the handle for travel. Easy and convenient.