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Sometimes it is hard...
September 30, 2013
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Sometimes it is hard to find a sepia pen that is actually a dark brown, but this is a nice, subdued colour that has more in common with what I consider true sepia tones rather than a reddish/orange colour. Looks gorgeous on ivory or cream paper.

Nib is firm but puts down a smooth line. Handles watercolour paper well. (Some nylon tips don't. This one does.)
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Цвет - отлично....
July 31, 2015
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Цвет - отлично. Качество чернил - отлично. Несколько мягковат пишущий узел, кажется, что вскоре размочалится. Очень хороший корпус - приятно брать в руки.
ok 260455
I love this pen! Easy...
July 20, 2015
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I love this pen! Easy to draw with and it's truly a sepia tone versus the more reddish or brownish liners I've tried. Nice precise tip.
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