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(Note: This review is...
November 19, 2010
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(Note: This review is not just for the pen body, but for the pen, as a whole.)

This is my new favorite pen, slightly edging out the Pentel Tradio "Fountain" Pen. The Zig Letter Pen is unlike any pen sold here at Jet. Using a hardened fiber point, the ink flow is varied and shades beautifully, as you turn the pen slightly while writing. One is advised to use it with a "light touch", lest you flatten the point.

While Jet lists the Zig Letter Pen in their "calligraphy pen" section, it isn't a true calligraphic pen, in that it doesn't have a tradition flat nib. Instead, it the point is quite sharp, but, by alternating pressure and slightly twisting the pen as you write, you see a great deal of shading and varying line width.

Ink colors are limited, however, I am partial to the sepia, which when used on a beige paper creates an antique quality to one's writing.
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