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I made a picture review...
April 3, 2013
Verified Purchase
I made a picture review of this. http://img.ie/3t575.png I know my handwriting is bad. Also my hands shake which doesn't help. The scanner doesn't show the sparkles either. I had to write it on normal paper since I lost my good stuff. It didn't suffer from feathering on it like normal inks do on crappy paper but it did show through. This is my first brush pen, too.

I bought this colour and the Green one. Both are lovely. I need more things to write just so I can use this heaps.
Colour is well-saturated and easy to see; this one looks "hot pink". Though it dries fast the sparkles will smear if you rub your hand across them too soon, making the page glimmer slightly but not noticeably. The pen body is rather short compared to normal pens and the cap doesn't fit on the end, but this didn't cause me any problems and it was still comfortable to hold. It is easy to vary line thickness though finer lines may require a steady hand. There were no issues with flow whatsoever.

I can't think of anything else these reviews normally mention, so I'll just say - I'm buying another pile of these pens in more colours.
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Great for cards!...
February 29, 2016
Verified Purchase
Great for cards!
Beautiful, sparkling,...
March 31, 2015
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Beautiful, sparkling, vivid color! Love this pen!
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