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At first, I absolutely...
May 15, 2009
Verified Purchase
At first, I absolutely loved this pencil case. It fits everything and I mean EVERYTHING. However, after about a 2 weeks of use I realized that the material STAINS!

All my clear white alpha gel line pencils are now stained black from the bag. I switched away those pencils as soon as I noticed and proceeded to put Uniball Signo DX Pens inside. And, again, it stained the rubber drips of the pens.

BE FOREWARNED! This bag stains any type of rubber grip/eraser-type material!

Now I have to repurchase all my Stationery *frustration*!!!
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I wish I had listened...
October 7, 2010
I wish I had listened to the review that pointed out the staining. :( Even though it never got wet, it stained my white foam eraser into oblivion, stained my Alpha Gel Kuru Toga pencil's grips badly and the erasers of my erasable gel pens. I wish I had noticed it sooner... I'm not sure what I can do for my pencils now. Oh well. I'd get the blue or beige version of this instead.
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Every fourth week I work...
March 27, 2010
Verified Purchase
Every fourth week I work far from home and I have to bring all my writing gear with me. This case is awesome. In it I have three bottles of J.Herbin ink, one bottle of Noodler's ink, four Parker 51s, five vintage pencils, one Hero, a piece of candle to rub the script on envelopes to protect it from water, and...
What you stuff in your case it's up to you. You will probably not need a bigger one.
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I love this case! It...
November 15, 2010
Verified Purchase
I love this case! It holds all of my drafting pencils, leads, erasers, and other small drawing items without any problems. There's alot of room in there! I like how tough the case feels; it doesn't feel like something's going to break in there during transportation. The compartments and pockets make storage efficient so I know where everything is without rifling through. I haven't had staining/rub off problems from the fabric.
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I love this case! It...
August 19, 2010
Verified Purchase
I love this case! It holds everything I could possibly need for meetings and trips. I have gotten many compliments on it, and I refer all of then to jetpens.com. Thank you for making such a wonderful product available to the public.
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This thing holds a ton....
March 6, 2009
Verified Purchase
This thing holds a ton. Mine is currently holding: 12 Uni-ball Signo UM-100 Gel Ink Pens, 2 Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens, 5 Platinum Preppy Highlighters, 1 Pilot Drafting Pencil, 1 Uni-ball Signo RT Gel Ink Pen, 8 Pilot Color Eno Pencils, 1 Tombow Mono eraser, 1 Pilot Foam eraser, 2 Pentel Petit-Corre correction tapes, 10 Pilot refill erasers for the Color Enos, 8 packages of Color Eno refill leads, 2 refills for the Platinum Preppy Fountain pens and 5 refills for the Platinum Preppy Highlighters.

It still has room for a few more pens and pencils or an MP3 player.

I love the classic look of this little bag; no goofy characters, crazy graphics or violent shades of color to mar this fantastic bag. It would be equally at home in an office, studio, or school. It has a nice soft feel to to the durable fabric and has double stitching on the major stress points as well as rivets on the handle to make it last.

This versatile bag has tons of pockets, webbing, elastic and what-not to allow you to put pretty much anything in there securely. It could double as a men's shaving kit or women's make-up bag very easily. I couldn't be more pleased with this fantastic bag and even though it is one of the more expensive bags here at JetPens, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to carry or store a lot of gear in a nice-looking yet durable and highly portable package.
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Great pencil case! Big...
April 26, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great pencil case! Big enought to carry all my on the go stationery, like pens, scissors, tape, sticky notes, and more. Love that it has many pockets and divisions to organize and keep everything in its place.
Love it! Lots of pockets...
October 18, 2014
Verified Purchase
Love it! Lots of pockets and room to store pens, erasers, scissors, etc.
This is the best pencil...
April 13, 2014
This is the best pencil pouch ever! I have had it for 2 weeks and it holds all my stuff and there is room for plenty more.
I recommend you buy this.
I bought this, and the...
June 25, 2013
Verified Purchase
I bought this, and the Super Mega Pencil Case (the slightly larger version) based on the reviews I read here. I immediately regretted my decision upon arrival, but I decided that I would give it a month or two to see if it got better. It didn't. I haven't had any problems with staining with any of my pens (even the white-gripped Dr. Grips and the Alpha-Gels). My main gripe with this case is how awkwardly it all fits together. When you fill it with a lot of items, it gets bulgy. Though it has a lot of spaces to put things, I feel like my pens, pencils, and accessories are extremely disorganized in this case. Personally, I'd rather carry multiple smaller cases. If you're considering buying these, think twice. You may be satisfied with it, as many other reviewers are. I personally would recommend any of the following cases instead:
1- Lihit Lab Teffa Pen Case - Book Style (Roomy, and much less cluttered than the Dr. Ion cases.)
2- Nomadic PE-06 Side Zipper Pencil Case (I originally used this as my "necessities" case, but it holds a lot more than you'd think!)
3- Nomadic PE-10 Tri-Fold Pencil Case (This is your basic tri-fold so it's not going to hold everything, only what you need.)
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