Kutsuwa Stad Compass with Mechanical Pencil 0.5 mm - Pink

Kutsuwa Stad Compass with Mechanical Pencil 0.5 mm - Pink

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Includes tube with five refill 0.5 mm leads.

This Stad compass features a mechanical pencil design, which lets you draw a very thin lined circle. The lead is refillable, and extends with a click of the black knock button (on the pencil side), and the needle folds into the compass body itself for secure, and safe storage (on the needle side). When fully closed, the compass can act as a mechanical pencil for everyday writing. Includes five lead refill pieces, and will refill with any 0.5 mm lead. Multiple colors available.

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Really do like the concept...
March 31, 2015
Verified Purchase
Really do like the concept with everything together and the pencil part of the compass readily available and then just "click" when lead gets low so no waiting to "find" lead and replace it ... unless it is empty already -- but there is the extra leads so no reason to run out. Creative concept and useful tool. I am learning how to use it correctly as I find it does slip a bit, but again, practice makes perfect, right! Great invention and would purchase again and for others!
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This is the COOLEST pencil/com...
December 28, 2015
Verified Purchase
This is the COOLEST pencil/compass I have ever used. It's easy to use and it fits nicely in your hand. This the the greatest idea. Highly recommend this pencil, its terrific.
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I wish they'd had these...
December 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
I wish they'd had these when I was in elementary school. This is so much simpler than using a regular compass. The body of it feels more stable than the usual plasticy ones. It doesn't change the distance when you touch it, like some do. The built-in mechanical pencil is so much better than the alternative. And I love how the point folds under so it doesn't stab through your pencil case. It also just looks really elegant. I love the color.
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Cool design, works quite...
November 13, 2015
Verified Purchase
Cool design, works quite well.
very handy tool...
February 23, 2015
Verified Purchase
very handy tool