Kutsuwa Stad Compass with Mechanical Pencil 0.5 mm - Silver

Kutsuwa Stad Compass with Mechanical Pencil 0.5 mm - Silver

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Includes tube with five refill 0.5 mm leads.

This Stad compass features a mechanical pencil design, which lets you draw a very thin lined circle. The lead is refillable, and extends with a click of the black knock button (on the pencil side), and the needle folds into the compass body itself for secure, and safe storage (on the needle side). When fully closed, the compass can act as a mechanical pencil for everyday writing. Includes five lead refill pieces, and will refill with any 0.5 mm lead. Multiple colors available.

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I really like this product;...
February 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
I really like this product; maybe it's because I grew up in the 80's and I loved Transformers. In pencil mode, it is surprisingly ergonomic; the notch at the end serves as an excellent index-finger rest and balances the pencil nicely. The compass arm folds out with a nice action and both joints can be adjusted with a Philips screwdriver. For reference, the maximum radius this compass can reach is 6.25 inches (16cm). The metal body construction feels very sturdy and has a nice heft to it, making writing comfortable.

There are a few minor issues I have with it. First, the compass tip is permanent, unlike higher-end drafting compasses which have removable tips. Unlike the body, which is made from aluminum, the tip is made from stainless steel, so it's probably not an issue. Second, the clip doesn't have a much spring and there is a gap of several millimeters between it and the body; if you put it in a pocket, say, the clip won't hold it in place. I currently have a Cubix Pen Case (http://www.jetpens.com/Cubix-Two-Tone-Pen-Case-Light-Brown-Mocha-Brown/pd/1 3176) and I can't put it in the outside pouch because it just falls out. Third, the lead provided with the pencil is low quality; you should replace it immediately. It's not as long as normal lead, so you'll have to break off a length for use in this pencil. Sadly, that extra chunk isn't long enough to do anything with, so it feels a bit wasteful. Finally, there isn't an eraser. I don't really have an issue with this, since I like to use a polymer block eraser anyway, but it's good to know.

In short, there are a few minor issues, but overall it's a solid product. It feels good in the hand, writes well, and transforms into a compass when needed! Sadly, it doesn't make the Transformer's noise...but I do.
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Great compass, metal...
April 30, 2013
Verified Purchase
Great compass, metal construction and the addition of a mechanical pencil makes it even better. Would have loved to have one twenty years ago in the math lessons. But from time to time I still need to draw a circle, so, here it is the tool for that.
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ryoji kezu
Much better and stronger...
October 2, 2015
Verified Purchase
Much better and stronger than expected. Very nice compass.
It works perfectly for...
February 27, 2015
Verified Purchase
It works perfectly for what I need.
Quick shipping, easy...
November 9, 2014
Verified Purchase
Quick shipping, easy to use, quality product!