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  I really liked the idea..., May 25, 2011
I really liked the idea of a pencil holder, I'm a person who used to tape wrapped up dowel to the end of small pencils to keep using them. But naturally it's troublesome.
Most art stores I went to for a holder sold individual holders that were uggly and fussy, or nice ones in huge sets of colored pencils, which I have pleanty of,

The Stad One-push pencil holder is the nicest looking holder and definitly the most confortable. It's a nice width, and a nice cool alluminum, which I'm used to thanks to pens. And it doesn't weigh your hand down to use. I absolutely love it!
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  The Stad pencil Holder..., May 7, 2012
By her...
The Stad pencil Holder also makes for a wicked, slick Eraser stick when using the Staedtler 528 55 MarsĀ® refill plastic erasers . I searched long and hard for a good-looking quality metal eraser stick to replace my cheapy plastic versions and bought one of these in hopes it would work. Well it far exceeded my expectations as it holds snugly and tightly the Staedtler refill eraser while the jaws stay in it's resting retracted position as you see in the picture without a pencil in it. It looks absolutely great and now my search for a beautful Stick eraser is finally over. The kicker is these holders are pretty economical too.
6 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
  These extenders are fantastic!..., August 4, 2010
These extenders are fantastic! Price wise they're only a little bit more than the more conventional extenders that utilize a thin metal ring. However, those of us who use colored pencils down to the nub realize we want to get our money's worth out of them. The other holders quit being effective at about 2 inches left of pencil. I am using a pencil that's barely 3/4's of an inch with this holder! It holds on tight until there's nothing left to hold onto.
4 out of 5 people found the following review helpful
  Claw came off. Pros: ..., April 19, 2012
By sky...
Claw came off.

sleek design
good grip, semi-glossy finish is nice to hold and to look at
The claws have sharp edges and can scratch the paint of a pencil.
The claws are fragile.

This is a good extender, very comfortable to use. The clutch mechanism is a good design, no awkward clip getting in the way like the Faber-Castell perfect pencil (basically a cap), nor is there a ring that carves into fingers like the Koh-I-Noor No 1098. However the claws can really be made to a higher quality. The first time I used this extender I pushed the claws slightly outward to avoid scratching my pencil, very little force was applied but two claws yielded and after only a few uses one claw just came off. It still works, for now, but it won't be long before the next claw come off and I doubt with one third of the claws missing it can still hold on to pencil tight enough.
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  It's a well priced, ergonomica..., September 28, 2011
By tan...
It's a well priced, ergonomically comfortable product.
There's an erase at the tip under the removable cap.

Gives new life to old, nubby, worn down favourite pencils.
Not the outer material is not rubber, but a smooth and pleasing painted metal finish.

5 on 5. The best pencil holder on this site, easily! :)
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  One of the best pencil..., August 18, 2011
One of the best pencil extenders out there. Will pay for itself after a box of premium pencils.
  I bought this as my collection..., August 28, 2013
I bought this as my collection of pencils too small to write with was becoming worrying (it started in year 7 18 years ago). This pencil holder it is fantastic! It is a good weight, and very comfortable to write with. Holds the pencils very well. It also has an eraser, which I didm't realise when I purchased it, then was super excited when I found it. This is my new favourite office item! Thanks Jet Pens.
  I JUST LOVE THIS THING! the..., December 9, 2010
the grip is not rubber though.. lol the description lies! but its still the best pencil holder ive used.
ones that twist to tighten (which also cost more) can un-tighten themselves while your holding it so really this is the best pencil holder design in my opinion.
it also works better than the ones with metal rings like the generals miser pencil extender

just press the button , put the pencil in, let go. then push the little clutch thing back in to ensure a tight fit. if you want to save money and use every last bit of lead , BUY THIS
  I'm very interested!!..., August 26, 2010
I'm very interested!! Please restock! :D
  please restock..., August 25, 2010
please restock
  These Stad One-Push pencil..., July 7, 2010
These Stad One-Push pencil extenders/lengtheners/holders are awesome! I've been in search of the perfect ones for a couple years now ever since I started buying expensive pencils such as the Mitsubishi Hi-Uni and the California Republic Palomino pencils. I've tried about 4 or 5 different styles. These are by far my favorite! They are just the right weight, size, and texture - the whole body is really smooth aluminum (there's no rubber grip). The cap/button also has an eraser under it. The eraser diameter is the same as the Tombow One Twist Mini erasers, and you could in fact replace it with one.

They're so comfortable, I almost wish I could use them with my full sized pencils as well. They are super easy and quick to put the pencil in our out, which is a big plus since I sharpen pencils a lot. They grip the pencil really well and don't let the pencil move around once it sort of "locks" in (although sometimes you have to twist the pencil until the grip mechanism is all the way back like it is when there is no pencil in it.) I highly recommend these if you'd like to get a little more mileage out of your pencil stubs.
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  You folks might be interested..., September 9, 2011
By tok...
You folks might be interested in the Faber Castell Perfect Pencil...

Not only does it lengthen a used pencil: it is a tip protector when you insert it inside; there is a great sharpener hidden in the top; it clips to your pocket; and it is short enough to allow you to carry it (with a small stub inserted) in you pocket.

I prefer shorter pencil extenders, and this one is the perfect length (2 5/8 inches) and the sharpener is one of the best I have seen.

This comes with the short Castell 9000 pencil, but of course can be used with any standard sized pencil.

I tried one of the more expensive aluminum Perfect Pencil editions, but the sharpener had a heavy top and made the weight very top heavy, and not comfortable at all. This one is \"Perfect\".