Kutsuwa Stad T'Gaal Pencil Sharpener - Orange

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Only wooden pencil connoisseurs know that all sharpened wooden pencils are not created equal. The length of the sharpened lead core can make a big difference in a "make it or break it" lead experience. This pencil sharpener allows you to adjust the length of the sharpened lead core. Numbers are labeled on a dial, the larger the number the longer the sharpened lead core. Levels range from 1 to 5, as well as a "close" that shuts the pencil hole to avoid shaving spillage.
Model NumberKUTSUWA RS017OR
Weight1.2 ounces

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Really nice portable...
December 30, 2014
Verified Purchase
Really nice portable sharpener with a very adjustable point. I really like it because it can sharpen short points on golf pencils - a capability that's very hard to find.
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I love the ability to...
December 29, 2013
Verified Purchase
I love the ability to chose the type of sharpening this gadget performs on any standard size pencil you try. I have had no problems with it's ability to sharpen, so far.

However, after using this sharpener only a handful of times, it no longer closes when you turn the dial to close. To close it you have to open up the back of the shavings and tug at the small white arm that releases the white trap door. Also, because the door doesn't close on it's own (and I didn't realize that for a week) the shavings spill out a bit. Good thing I had this tucked in my paperclip and eraser pouch! Even so, this guy got pencil fuzz/dirt all over him. I typically keep my things very neat, organized and above all else CLEAN, so this was a shock to find when I went to use it.
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Just got this sharpener...
November 26, 2013
Verified Purchase
Just got this sharpener for work and I LOVE it! It's totally worth your money. I put some really dull pencils in it and with just a few twirls, it sharpened each one as pointed as a carpet tack. And the ability to dial in the point length you desire is so cool, because I'm oddly particular about that. The color choices are nice. I'm going order another one for home, and probably one for my son to use at school.
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The best...
March 21, 2015
Verified Purchase
The best
My second favorite sharpener...
November 6, 2014
Verified Purchase
My second favorite sharpener because you can find it and adjust the point angle. I almost always use the 1 setting anyway.