Kyokuto F.O.B COOP W Ring Notebook - B5 - Dot Grid - Silver

Kyokuto F.O.B COOP W Ring Notebook - B5 - Dot Grid - Silver

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Kyokuto's F.O.B COOP W Ring notebook has a two-layer front cover—a translucent cover on top, and a beautiful glossy cover underneath. Both are thick and flexible. The back cover is thicker still, and less bendable. The notebook lays flat when pages are folded back, thanks to the "W" rings (twin rings). This type of binding, along with the stiff back cover, makes it easy to jot notes while holding the notebook in your hand. The paper inside is smooth, offering an enjoyable writing experience. The upper corner of every page has spaces to fill in the page number and date.

The notebook contains 80 sheets, and the pages are printed with a 5 mm dot grid, a convenient layout for writing organized notes and sketching. Kyokuto calls this a B5 notebook, but the actual dimensions are semi B5: 7.0 x 9.9 inches (17.9 x 25.2 cm).

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Exceeded expectations......
March 6, 2015
Verified Purchase
Exceeded expectations... (oh-so tempting blank pages that are a pleasure to write on!)

I am a calligraphy novice and "practice" on everything in sight. I needed a notebook to chronologically compile exercise drills for streamlined critique and review.. I bought this because of the minimalist, monochromatic design and perceptible quality.. So glad I bought one. There is something about it's design that appeals to the creative process. When I grab a notebook to take with me, I repeatedly reach for this one.

If you are seeking an attractive, functional notebook, this will exceed your expectations. Even the most discerning stationary enthusiast will enjoy the quality thickness of the stock, smooth texture and functional design. I can't say enough..

Smooth pages with no bleed through (I have provided ample opportunities for testing just how 'bleed resistant' these pages are..!).
The dot grid facilitates precise form and neatness. It has assisted in expanding my learning experience each and every time I use this pad.
When opened for practice, the covers support the weight of my writing in bed, which I find exceptionally helpful.
Attractive, minimalist design.
Plenty of pages/space..
Appeals to the fecund nature of creative thinkers!

I use this for note taking, outlining projects, drawing, calligraphy, etc..

You don't have one of these, yet ;)
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I ordered this notebook...
November 21, 2014
Verified Purchase
I ordered this notebook expecting to like it, as I'm a big fan of the dot pages, and like the places for Page & Date in the upper right hand corner of pages...however I had no idea how pleased I would be! I have a lot of notebooks - perhaps more than I could use in two lifetimes. However, I was impressed enough to make this the first notebook for which I was inspired to write a review. The pages are large, a hair less than 10" in height (vertical) and a bit over 7" in width (including the perforations that go around the spiral). Note that the pages tear right off the spiral, with no perforations that would give a nice edge. Even so, you an still cut the edges of with a paper cutter or scissor....but if I could deduct a half of a star I would - but it's either a 4 or 5, and I think it's way closer to 5 than 4.
Overall the notebook is a nice weight, even heavy (in a good way), and the paper is thick enough so that most pens do not soak through but light enough not to be off-putting. The dots are novel and spacing (5mm) appropriate. I plan to order the lined version, that I believe has a 7mm spacing. I would love this little number in a smaller format for lists, desktop or even a purse pad.

In summation.... PROS: weight, paper thickness, dimensions, dots, layout and more.
CONS: no perforations to make straight edge when torn out!
Great notebook - will order this one again!
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Nice notebook! A little...
October 21, 2014
Verified Purchase
Nice notebook! A little smaller than a 8.5 x11 page. The paper really gets the best out of pens...I like smooth pens, but they all seem better on this paper. A 1.0 jetstream is just ridiculous on it, and my morning glory Mach 3 pens are perfectly matched to the paper.

As mentioned, some bleed through with fountain pens, but it depends on the ink. It doesn't bother me, so I use both sides of the pages. My gel and roller ball pens don't bleed through.

Love the dot grids. Clever structure when you need it, but not distracting when you don't.
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Beautiful grid notebook...
April 28, 2015
Verified Purchase
Beautiful grid notebook with amazingly smooth paper. The double-ring binding feels sturdy with the front and back covers protecting the pages very well. The back hardcover also makes it easy to hold the notebook in one hand and write with the other (if only it didn't feel clunky).

The only problem I've had is the back cover slightly warping sometimes, making it hard to have a flat surface.
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Superb quality notebook...
March 17, 2015
Verified Purchase
Superb quality notebook Love the dots versus lines. The paper is hefty enough so fountain pen ink doesn't bleed through.
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