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One of the greatest pens...
June 3, 2012
One of the greatest pens ever. Nearly perfect in every way.

Keep in mind:
nibs run large and usually wet
piston filler (requires bottled ink)
the cap nubs on the section bother some people
the ink window is smaller than most but still functions
cap clip has sharp corners
the makrolon eventually develops a shinier patina
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Just received this yesterday;...
November 8, 2012
Verified Purchase
Just received this yesterday; it's been on my want list for a year. I've used Safari fountain pens for years, and I'm excited to step up to Lamy's higher-level of elegance.

Pen writes exceptionally well; fine nib writes like something between a fine and a medium nib on a Safari.

Filling was easier than I'd anticipated, and I love bottled ink, so that's not a concern. I am curious about cleaning and drying the pen when I choose to change inks - I'm used to pulling the converter out of my Safari to allow everything to dry as quickly as possible.

Looking forward to having this pen for a long time!
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I absolutely love this...
February 6, 2015
I absolutely love this pen. It's been my daily writer for about a year now. It starts a line without a stutter even if it's been uncapped for a few minutes. The ink reservoir is large and makes it through the day. I've yet to have it leak in my bag (though I admit I'm careful about how I stash it....). I've flown with it with no troubles.

People always want to write with it. I don't let them. Mine!

My only wish is that "fine" was more fine....
This pen is amazing unfortunat...
June 11, 2012
This pen is amazing unfortunately I dropped it and the nib broke. So can I by a nib and use that for this because it says it's for al-star,safari,vista etc.
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