Lamy Al-Star Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Pearl Body

Lamy Al-Star Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Pearl Body

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Lamy is a world-renowned pen manufacturer headquartered in Germany. Its Al-Star line features high-quality pens composed of aluminum bodies, steel nibs, and self-sprung metal clips. They have a unique, modern aesthetic, and are well-designed.

A variety of ink cartridges or a Lamy converter can be used. Installing ink cartridges is easy—simply insert the cartridge into the pen nib section (no need to push completely), then twist the barrel onto the nib section. Attaching the barrel automatically punctures and installs the ink cartridge.

This pen includes one blue Lamy T10 cartridge.

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When I first got this...
December 25, 2013
Verified Purchase
When I first got this pen, I was highly disappointed with the writing experience. It skipped often and would not lay down a straight line without some unevenness. I was going to throw this pen away, which was a shame since the golden pearly body is so beautiful, but decided to give it one last shot after reading reviews about faulty Lamy nibs.

I took it to an FP shop, and after they cleaned out the ink channel and re-aligned the tines...well, now I understand all of the hype behind the Lamy FP. With the exception of some skipping when I start up the pen, this Al-Star provides a smooth, fine writing experience. The aluminum body is surprisingly very light, and I've experienced no writing fatigue after 2 hours of straight writing. I absolutely love the plastic ink cartridge view on the side of the pen because it helps me gauge how much ink I have left--invaluable for when I am traveling!

Overall, this is an excellent FP in a beautiful, feminine color. The JetPens product image provides an excellent representation of the pen's true color, so if you like how the pen looks on the web, you'll like it as well in real life. If you do experience irregular writing and/or skipping, I would recommend taking it to a FP store and see if there are any problems with tine alignment.

Definitely worth the money and more!