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The Lamy T52 bottled ink comes with a roll of blotter tape that can be used to clean the pen after filling, or to blot writing. These ink bottles have a basin inside to assist with filling when the ink level is low. The bottle contains 50 ml of beautiful ink.

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I believe this ink comes...
October 9, 2015
I believe this ink comes standard with some Lamy Pens. I've read complaints elsewhere, but I think it's decent ink. It flows well enough and doesn't feather bad. It's a bit on the dry side, which I like. This ink does fade a bit as it dries, and next to a standard blue disposable office pen it lacks hard contrast when writing on yellow office notebook paper. The ink can fade especially bad if your paper is subject to high humidity or you use a highlighter over it. It leaves a nice electric blue color when writing on standard white copy paper. This ink will come off if exposed to water within the first day of application. I did soak some writing in water that was a few days old and it had little effect. I had some Waterman Absolute Brown next to it that washed right off, so the Lamy ink wins in that respect. I think this is a decent all around ink, but like others have said, it's not very exciting. The problem with many of the exciting inks (makes/colors) is that they are known to clog pens or stain.