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  *** My Fave!! *** I..., March 20, 2011
By jen...
*** My Fave!! ***
I was enjoying my Lamy Joy with it's 1.1 nib so much at my desk, but I wanted a shorter body style that would be easier to carry with me. The clear Lamy Vista is so cool looking and easier to carry, but I don't want a plain fountain pen nib. So I bought this 1.1 nib, plus a new Vista- Viola! My perfect, don't-go-anywhere-without-it pen! The nib that comes on your Lamy will slide off (with some firm persuasion), and this nib will slide right up in place. I bought a 1.9 as well, for lettering some large projects. The 1.1 makes your everyday handwriting look so great, and you can write fast with it. My favorite ink is Noodlers bulletproof Polar Blue. I was just at a meeting where we all submitted short written reports. The moderator actually held up my paper and said to the group 'Look at this great handwriting!' I should have said, 'It's not me- it's the pen!' How funny, because I had just created my perfect pen with this nib! :)
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  Wow! I never thought..., March 21, 2011
By nsa...
Wow! I never thought calligraphy nib could be this fun! I put it on Lamy vista and it writes fantastically! I always thought I will not like think lined nibs but I am really enjoying it..thanks to this cheaper way to improve my handwriting. Highly recommended!!

I even use it on Moleskine, which I never thought could take anything other than extra fine nib! My secret is however Lamy blue ink, which never bleeds or feathers on moleskine pages even with this stub nib! I have tried so many inks with so many pens all bleed etc...this combination, however, works well.
4 out of 5 people found the following review helpful
  if you like broad nibs..., August 18, 2010
if you like broad nibs this one will fit perfectly, it gives to a daily writing a very good look
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  The lines aren't as sharp..., July 13, 2014
The lines aren't as sharp as I thought they would be, as the nib's edge is slightly more rounded. More like a cursive italic nib than a true calligraphy nib. Still, with the right paper, you can see the variation, and it looks good. Cheaper papers will just feather and make it look like a regular ol' broad nib. I found that drawing (not sketch) paper has the right levels of thickness and absorbency.

It writes buttery smooth, and you can really showcase some of your better inks with this nib without it being too wide. Lovely!

1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Wonderful! I didn't expect..., March 31, 2013
Wonderful! I didn't expect this to be so smooth right off the bat, but I was pleasantly surprised. Immediately lays down a consistent and slightly wet line of ink (as most Lamy nibs do) and adds interesting line variation to your writing and drawing. I think I may have to get the 1.5mm after trying this one!
2 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  Not bad for everyday..., April 18, 2012
Not bad for everyday use.

Smooth writer, makes my cursive handwriting look better! :) Glad I bought this.
2 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  The line variation on..., July 13, 2011
By cen...
The line variation on the paper alone automatically replaces my F and EF nibs for my pen!
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  Seriously too bad that..., November 24, 2010
By gwe...
Seriously too bad that they don't have another size down from this. Still great to have one around, since Lamy nibs are so available & so easy to change to suit an ink or technique. I have an F, EF & 1.1, all for one Al-Star body.
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