Lamy Dialog 3 Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Black Body

Lamy Dialog 3 Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Black Body

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The strikingly modern and minimalist design of the capless Lamy Dialog 3 belies the wonder of its elaborate technical design and craftsmanship. With a 180 degree twist of the barrel, the pen's 14k solid gold nib extends smoothly and locks securely into place. As the nib extends, the clip retracts to lie flat against the body of the pen, increasing overall writing comfort. When the nib is retracted, a ball valve automatically closes to protect it from dirt and dry-out. The Dialog 3 was created by renowned Swiss designer Franco Clivio and has been recognized with three of the most prestigious design awards in the world: the Good Design Award, the Red Dot Award, and the iF DESIGN Award.

This stunning pen features a matte black finish and includes a nice gift box, one blue ink cartridge, one Z 26 converter, and a tool for opening up the ball valve of the pen for cleaning.

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I have mixed feelings...
June 6, 2012
I have mixed feelings about this pen. Aesthetically speaking, it has excellent symmetry and gentle curves in a minimalist design. All of the pieces fit together perfectly. Well, almost perfectly (more on that later). The problem is that it's quite long. I think it would be a very elegant looking pen if not for the length.

In terms of handling, it's very well balanced, but again it is too heavy to be comfortable for long writing sessions. Apart from the 2000, Lamy's top tier pens tend to be relatively heavy, so anyone who is happy with their Lamy Accent or CP1 might not mind so much.

The clip retracts into the front element of the pen when it is rotated, which is a pretty cool piece of engineering, although relatively pointless.

Now for the real problem. The lid on the front of the pen suffers from a poor seal. In my opinion it is not nearly as robust as it could be. The nib often dries out even when left with the lid closed, and numerous other users have reported this problem. My pilot vanishing point, at 1/3 of the price has a comparatively simple mechanism with a spring that appears deceptively weak, but it has been working fine for years.

The mechanism that opens and closes the lid may be too mechanically complicated, because it often has trouble closing fully, especially if there is any ink inside. The cartridge converter is quite nice, and probably has the best build quality that I've ever seen, but the ink capacity is too low, especially for a pen of this size.

The nib is pretty nice, but nothing special. If you are looking for bang-for-your-buck writing quality, then look somewhere else.

It attracts a lot of attention (not always a great thing), but it is pretty fun to play around with. My favourite of the dialog series, but decidedly mediocre when compared to fountain pens at the same price point.
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